Friday, April 6, 2012

My Daughters

Today Kelly at Kelly's Korner is having a blog link up with Momma's who have all girls. I have two sweet girls, Ella (3) and Layla (10 months). 

When I first became pregnant I just knew it was a boy. I have a brother that is two years older than me and I have always loved having a older protector, and someone I knew would always look out for me. I always felt cool saying "oh yeah, that's my older brother"! My Mom was convinced it was a boy also. I thought I wanted to have two boys and a girl. Well, it was definitely not a boy and out sweet Ella is 100% girl.

She loves princesses, dresses, bows, makeup, high heels, dress up and anything else girlie you can think of. She hates mud, bugs, and anything dirty. I LOVE having a girl. I love dressing her up and our sweet relationship. 

Don't get me wrong, she is all girl which also means she is full of drama and mood swings! She has a temper and sometimes (okay, a lot of times) I just wish she could go outside without screaming because there is a bug!

When we got pregnant with #2 I did want another girl and was so excited when we found out we were indeed having a girl. My husbands first words were "Oh, another wedding!". Layla is my determined, hard headed, cuddly, lovable girl. I have a feeling she is going to be our daredevil. If I have anything to do with it she will still love her bows and dressing up too. She loves her older sister SO much I am sure she will love all the same things. 

I love seeing the sweet relationship they have with each other. Ella is protective and very proud of her little sister.

Layla thinks Ella hung the moon and just thinks everything she does is hysterical.

I wouldn't trade my girls for anything. I would like to have a boy so my husband can have a football player (I asked him if a cheerleader would do!?!). I can just seeing us having four kids and all of them being girls. It would thrill me though!

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Sunday, April 1, 2012

Layla is Ten Months!!

Layla Lou, you are now TEN months old!! The next time I turn around you are going to be one, and I am just not ready for that! You are just the sweetest thing! This has been one of my favorite months so far. You have been so full of laughter and have been so irresistibly sweet! 

You clap your hands when you get excited, you give big open mouthed wet kisses when we make a kissing noise, you can say Mama, Dada, and bye bye (sounds like ba ba) and wave. You are always motor boating and growling! You have the deepest belly laugh and I know exactly how to get you to laugh. You LOVE it when I get your tummy and will just squeal. 

You are still a speed crawler, pulling up on everything and cruising from furniture piece to furniture piece. This morning you pushed a full sized wooden chair across the kitchen floor and used it as a walker. I don't know if you will walk as soon as your sister did, but honestly I am in no hurry for you to walk. I want you to stay my baby and I know as soon as you start walking you will loose all your baby fat and grow up so quickly! 

Speaking of fat (haha!), I weighed you on my scale the other day and you were 26-1/2 pounds. You are in a size 4 diaper still, and still wearing 24 months. You wear a size 5 shoe. You have the sweetest fat rolls on your thighs (multiple rolls) and sweet dimples on your booty!

You and your sister are playing together more and more and it just makes me so happy to see you two interact. You both love each other so much! 

You go to sleep at 9 and sleep until 9. You were napping once a day for three hours, but this week you mixed it up. You take one nap from about 12:00-1:30 and you take another evening nap from 5:00-7:00. Maybe you will mix it up again this week, who knows?

You are still nursing 4-5 times a day. You eat baby food cereal + a fruit for breakfast, usually a fruit for lunch, lots of snacking on whatever, and for dinner you have been eating what we eat. This week you got to have a cupcake and some more ice cream. I think your favorite was the biscuit from Red Lobster though!

You are still a total Mommy's girl and I will take it while I can. You are so sweet and your Daddy and I love you so much!!! If I could freeze time right now I would keep you and your sister at this age forever. You both are more than I could have ever dreamed of!