Wednesday, August 27, 2014

First Day of Kindergarten

On Monday, August 25, Ella had her first day of kindergarten!! I have been dreading this day for most of the Summer. I know Ella would do great, I thought she might be a little sad and hesitant aboutme leaving. I have almost every day with her since birth I mean, maybe like 3 days in her life have I not been with her. She is my little buddy, my helper, my sweet girl who I always want around.

We went to bed early Sunday night. She told me what she wanted for breakfast and for lunch. We laid her clothes out and prayed for a happy day with new friends and a sweet teacher.

I walked her in and she went right to her seat that she had picked out at meet the teacher night. She sat down and started coloring and didn't think twice about me and didn't act sad at all. It made me so happy!

She and I took a picture together (wow, look at those bags under my eyes! Lydia got me up at 4:30 and I didn't sleep after that!).

 Then I asked her teacher if she would take a picture with her.

I gave her a kiss and walked out of the room and started sobbing. Not like a few tears running down my cheek, like ugly face crying and so embarrassed that people could see me! I am sure having a baby a week before and having crazy hormones didn't help! 

I picked her up and she told me she had a great day. her teacher told me she did great and was such a sweet girl. Just what you want to hear! She loved it and was excited to go back. I am so thankful that she did so well. I hate that she is gone all day every day. Layla misses her so mcuh too!