Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Kindergarten: Half Way Point

We have passed the half way point of Kindergarten. I must admit, even though I wish I could keep her home with me all the time (no I do not have the patience to homeschool!), kindergarten is not that bad!! I just wish it didn't start SOOOO early! Ella LOVES school. I mean, she can't get enough of it. She has a great teacher who realizes not only the importance of teaching them, but also loving on them.

Ella has made some sweet friendships and I am so thankful. I prayed that God would give her precious friends. Riley and Ashley are both great girls and just as sweet as can be.

When they started the year, the teacher had everyone read level 1 books. Ella then moved on to level 3, then 5 and they just finished the mid year testing and she is now reading level 8 books. They get a bag of three books sent home and they are supposed to read the same three books all week. I do think she needs to be in a higher level though because she brings the books home on Monday, opens them right up and can read without any assistance from me. And she knows so many sight words I don't think I can even count. It helps that we learned a lot of those in preschool. 

She is writing sentences and spelling things out all on her own. One of the centers they do is making these little books. Ella loves these! Some days when she brings them home there will be a page done by Riley or Ashley, or a little drawing of theirs.

She has received two report cards. Both of them she received all "E's" Then they have 6 subjects, with a total of 36 skills that they have to master. You can receive a 0-3, 3 being mastered, and Ella has received all 3's. 

They get to go to Art and Music twice a week, or course she loves art. They have show and tell every Friday. They get to bring whatever they want, but they have to get in front of the class and say three sentences about it. I think that is so great because so many people struggle with public speaking. 

I am just so happy that she loves it and that she is exceeding.