Wednesday, November 23, 2011

The Simple Things

Ella hardly ever wants to play with her toys, but leave your suitcase out after a trip to Wichita and it will provide hours of entertainment!

Of course she wanted Layla to get in too, so I had to help her in. (Please excuse the drenched shirt Layla is wearing. She drools sooo much!!) (Oh and also please excuse Ella's crazy hair!)

They played this way for about 15 minutes when Ella decided she needed to get her pillow and a blanket. Apparently this would make a great bed!

So Sweet!!

Ella is still being such a good big sister and so much help! I hope these two continue to love each other so much!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Layla is 6 Months!

My sweet sweet girl, you are half a year old! My Goodness! With each month you are getting more and more personality and it is so much fun!

We had your check up and you weigh 23 pounds 6 ounces (above 99 percentile) and you are 28" long (99 percentile). You are wearing 18 month and 24 month clothes and still in a size 4 diaper. I have had to start putting socks on you since it is getting colder outside and you hate them! You wiggle your fat little feet until you work them off!

You have your two bottom teeth in a are drooling like crazy, but your top teeth haven't made an appearance yet.

You are 100% sitting up on your own and have been for almost a month. You are still a little rolling machine and can roll from one end of the living room to the other in seconds! You are also starting to lift your bottom in the air and scoot backwards like a little inch worm. It won't be too long before you are crawling. You also love to stand up on my lap. You have such sweet chubby legs!

You started eating baby food a few weeks ago and while you won't care too much for your rice cereal, you LOVE bananas!! You have tried sweet potatoes, squash and prunes. You prefer to motor boat instead of eating them!

Your sister can make you giggle and I love to hear your deep belly laugh.

You moved to your own room about 2 weeks ago and you are doing so good. You go to sleep around 8:30 and sleep until 9 unless I have to wake you up earlier, and most often I do. You still take a good 3 hour nap after you have been awake for three hours, but you evening nap is still not so great. You prefer to take that one on Momma!

I love you, love you, love you!!!!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Playing Piano

Now that Layla is sitting up all on her own and rolling around all over the place Ella is enjoying having her as a little sister so much more! It is so sweet to watch them play together.
Layla loves playing this little piano and tries to get the lights when they light up. Ella, always having to be the center of attention, must always accompany her!

Showing Layla how to do it!

And Layla loves her big sister!

Unfortunately almost all piano sessions end in Layla grabbing Ella's hair and trying to eat it and Ella yelling "Mommy help me! She has my hair!". I just love these two so much!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was so much fun with my two little ones this year. It started off a little rocky because it didn't look like Trey was going to get off work in time to help me take them trick or treating, but I went ahead and got both girls ready, took their pictures, and we had gone to about 15 houses when Trey met up with us. It was just in time too because Layla was over being in the stroller and wanted to be held.

This was the first year Ella was really into it. She saw the  other bigger kids running up to the doors so she started running with them. We always have a ton of people in our neighborhood. Trey told me the entrance was lined with cars!

Ella loves Tinkerbell so it was perfect and Layla looked precious as a flower. I did have a few people call her a boy though, really?! I mean I would NEVER dress a boy up as a flower.

Ella started getting into her candy when we were half way done. As soon as we got home she was opening up as much as she could and the first thing she said when I got her up this morning was "candy?". And yes, I did let her have a piece for breakfast!