Friday, February 25, 2011

27 weeks (1 week late)

How Far Along: 27 weeks (last week) Please excuse my hair! This was at night after playing and chasing Ella, gorcery shopping and I just threw it back in a pony tail. Then I realized I needed to do a belly pic. I have been sooo bad about this. I already regret not taking them like I want to.

Total Weight Gain/Loss: I am now up to 10 pounds. I gained 28 with Ella, so I hope to come in under that or that amount. No more!!

Maternity Clothes: Leggings have become my best friend! Most of the shirts I wear are maternity.

Gender: GIRL!!! Layla Lou

Movement: Shea really likes to move at night or at around 6 a.m. I think she just likes to move while I am sleeping so that I can't!

Sleep: Getting more and more uncomfortable as the days go! I have to sleep with a pillow between my legs, I never did that with Ella. I pretty much always wake up with back pain. I tried sleeping in another bed and it helped. I think when I have to get a good nights sleep, like Saturday nights before church I am going to have to sleep in another room. Trey is not a fan!

What I miss: Being able to sleep through the night. Having a large wardrobe to choose from!

Cravings: Anything sweet. I went through a phase around Valentines day of craving chocolate and caramel, now it is Bahama Bucks shaved ice.  

Symptoms: None. I never had braxton hicks or cramps with Ella. My water broke and we went to the hospital, no real warning signs.

Best Moment This Week: Sunday morning when I walked into the living room after getting ready for church Ella said "Wow Momma look so pretty!". It made my week! When you have a gigantic stomach you don't always feel so hot, but she made me feel so pretty!!

What I'm Looking Forward To: I am so excited that our Sunday School is throwing us a shower this Sunday. This being #2 and the fact that I am having another girl, I wasn't really expecting one, but I am so excited that we are!!

I also ordered Layla's bedding yesterday. Sadly it won't come in for 4-7 weeks, but I am so excited to finally be able to start on her nursery. I started cleaning out her closet yesterday. Gosh! I remember moving into this house and thinking "There is so much closet space, we will have lots of room to grow." Three years later we are brimming over!

Ella's Big Girl Bedding

Thursday, February 17, 2011

25 Weeks, 2 and a half weeks ago!

Two and a half week ago I was 25 weeks pregnant! Wow! This pregnancy really is flying by. I can't believe I am already in my third trimester. I am also sad that I have not been taking belly pictures like I did when I was pregnant with Ella. To be honest, I just don' think about it. I am busy chasing Ella around and was sick for the last two weeks and didn't think of anything other than how bad I felt and trying to take care of Ella and feeling like a horrible mother for letting her watch so much television.

Okay, on to the pregnancy. I was 25 weeks! At my appointment I had gained a total of 9 pounds and am measuring a week ahead. Layla is very active at night and at 6 a.m. when I wake up to Trey's alarm clock and then realize I have to go to the bathroom every morning! Trey got to feel her moving for the first time that week. He has felt her several times since then. This is also when I started to be able to watch my stomach moving as she kicked. I love it!

What is not so great is the backache. I didn't get this with Ella until later, but since I am still occasionally picking up her 32 pound self, I understand why I am experiencing it earlier!

The crib has been ordered and will be here mid March. I still have not ordered her bedding, but I have picked it out. I just feel like I am not rushed to do it. By this time with Ella everything was in place, but nothing has changed in the guest bedroom that will be becoming Layla's room. I hope that changes soon!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Day

This week has been awful!! Ella and I have both been sick, it came an ice storm on Tuesday and has been so cold. I would not take Ella out in this cold anyways, but the fact that we were both sick and the roads were icy just added to that "cabin fever" feeling. Well, last night it started snowing and this morning I woke up to about 7" of snow!!!! On top on that, Trey was in the living room when I woke up because he didn't have to go to work, so we had a SNOW DAY!!!!

It took us about 20 minutes to find all of our really cold weather clothes, get layered up, get Ella layered up and head out the door for some fun. I took the lid off the big plastic bucket I keep some of my Christmas stuff in, cute a hole in it, tied some string to it and made a make shift sled for us to pull Ella on.

 She loved it!!!

 She looks so little in this picture!
 Once we got off the "sled" we joined some of our friends building a snow man. I had told Ella when we first got out to try and catch a snowflake in her mouth because it was still snowing. Well, after a while it stopped, but Ella was still trying to catch them!!!

She saw her friend making snow angels, so of course the big girl that she is, she had to too. It was so cute to watch her doing it!
 She made about 5 or 6, but then Daddy needed to brush her off before she got wet.
We went back to our yard and played and made more snow angels, threw snow balls at Daddy an had a great time. Of course I had to get a picture with my baby.
I loved it, but I am so glad that it is finally supposed to get above freezing tomorrow!!