Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Loralei is 9 Months Old

Loralei you are 9 months old! (And in true fashion I am one month behind) At your doctor appointment you were 30" long and weighed 30 pounds. You wear size 24 Months or 2T. You actually wore a pair of your sister's 4T capri pants. They fit you, but were long pants on you instead of capris. You have a lot of junk in your trunk! 

Lydia still thinks she is your best friend. She gives you kisses and hugs all day long. And an occasional choke hold! You love each of your sisters and give each one of them a huge smile when they walk in the room. 

You like your jumper. I wouldn't say love, but you like it and go to town bouncing in it for about 10 minutes. Then you are done. You prefer to roll all around without restrictions. You scoot on your hiney and roll. Still no crawling. Your doctor said you are just a big girl and it is hard for big girls to crawl.

You celebrated your first Easter. 

See all of that drool. You now have 6 teeth and are cutting your 7th!  Wow that is a lot of teeth.

You love it when people talk to you and will flash them a big grin. You don't like when they try and hold you though! You are still Momma's girl.

The teething thing has caused a week or two of very interrupted sleeping so we have both been pretty tired. You go to sleep at 8:30, who knows if you will wake up or not during the night, and sleep until I wake you up for school at 7:20. You go down for a three hour nap at 10:30. Just in time to go get sisters. Then you take an evening nap from 5-6. Overall you have been a great napper. 

You are eating more and more baby food every day. You also love your puffs and yogurt melts. No real food yet, still just mush. You still nurse 5 times a day.

You are just the absolute best! So sweet and squishy and lovable. YOu have all of us wrapped around your chubby finger! 

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Loralei At 7 & 8 Months

Well, I fell behind and know this is the only way I will catch up!

At 7 months old you got two bottom teeth!! You were drooling like crazy, and started waking up at night so I knew you had to be getting teeth. Sure enough two little white specks showed up about two weeks later. 

You say Dada and Mama with your cute little baby voice. 

At 7-1/2 months you got to eat food for the first time!! We started with apples. You weren't the biggest fan, but since then you have eaten some more. You do not like squash, bananas or green beans. You like apples, peaches, and you love pears!! So far you do not life baby puffs. And you still haven't figured out how to drink from a sippy cup. That's okay because you are still nursing like a champ.

When you turned 8 months old you moved to your own room!!! Daddy waking up early started to wake you up in the mornings so I knew it was time. You had a hard first two night, but since then you are doing great.

You go to sleep at 8. You wake up at 10 to eat one more time and then I wake you up at 7:30 to take the girls to school. You have to wake up early for soccer games and church on the weekends, but on Good Friday we didn't have to be anywhere early and you slept until 9. Come on Summer time!!

You take a great three hour nap from 10:30-1:30. Then it's time to eat and head to pick up sisters from school

You wear 24 months or 2T clothes and weigh over 27 pounds. You sit up, roll everywhere and scoot backwards, but you are not crawling yet. Honestly, I am okay with that. I do not want you growing up too soon on me. You are my last baby!

Since Ella and Layla are best friends, Lydia has claimed you are hers. She sticks close to you and prefers to play with you over Ella and Layla. It is pretty sweet if you ask me. And you will just laugh and smile at her.

You are still just so happy, content, and go with the flow. You are one precious girl!!

Friday, March 3, 2017

Loralei is 6 Months!

This month has been my favorite! You are just the sweetest baby and your smiles and big belly laughs are just the best! Oh my goodness you are so sweet and cuddly! You are 100% a momma's girl. I mean, I get it, I am also your food source so it is kind of a given that you would be attached to me, but I love it! 

Speaking of eating...still exclusively breastfed. We went to you 6 month check up and your sweet pediatrician said no need for food, you are obviously getting your calories in. 

You currently weigh 24.1 pounds. Off the charts. 
Height was off the charts too, I can't remember so I will fill in later. 
You have two bottom teeth coming in.
You still sleep great at night. Take a 3 hour nap from 11-2 and an evening nap from 5-6. Fall asleep nursing at 8, one more feeding at 10 and then I wake you up at 7 am.

You had your first snow experience! It was also super windy and you do not like wind. 

All better!

You are rolling over from tummy to back and back to tummy. And you like to eat your feet!

Look at those lashes...and lips!!

You are also a sitter now.

This picture. Oh this picture is pure gold!! My fat, happy baby!

This month more than ever Lydia is really hanging out with you are wanting to hold you and play with you more and more. I have a feeling you two are going to be big buddies.

You wear a size 4 diaper.
Size 24 month clothes.
Size 2 or 3 shoe.

 I love your silky smooth skin, your sweet fuzzy head and all of your rolls! I just kiss on you all day.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Potty Trained!

Lydia is potty trained! Woo hoo! We only have one baby in diapers now. I deserve very little praise on this one, because this girl basically potty trained herself. She had been telling for months when her diaper was was, she would take it off and throw it in the trash. She loves to be naked. So, the next step was she would be naked all day, ask for a diaper, pee in it and then throw it away. 

Almost three months ago we got her a potty. She was completely pee pee potty trained in three days. Poop was a little harder, she still wanted her diaper. Once she went in the potty though she got the hang of it. 

We spent a solid week at home basically naked, except at night. She didn't have any accidents. We also noticed she was waking up completely dry too. She picked out some panties at the store, she got Sophia and Doc Mcstuffins.

 I mean, look at that little hiney!!

So 100% potty trained by 28 months. I will take it!! I am so proud of her.