Monday, March 29, 2010

A Birthday Party

Saturday afternoon Ella and I headed to Greenville for Aliyah's first birthday party. I met Aliyah's mom, Sarah, in MOPS and really like her and share a lot of the same interests and we both have blonde haired blue eyed cuties around the same age. Here is the birthday girl...isn't she a doll?
Ella however is not one to relinquish the spotlight so she stole Aliyah's chair. Haha! Just kidding, well not really, but Aliyah wasn't interested in sitting in it and we were all just playing games.

Ella is two and a half months older than Aliyah. Please notice the cup Ella is holding, it is hers.

Because as soon as Aliyah found it, it became hers! We couldn't figure out why she was so crazy about it. Her mom went and got her her own, but she still wanted Ella's. Her Dad asked what was in it though and we soon discovered Aliyah had never had juice before and it probably tasted soooo good to her! I mean, I have to refill that thing (so I have four) like 10 times a day.
We got Aliyah a pair of squeaky shoes like Ella's since her Mom loves them. She put the on right away. You can kind of see them here.
They played lots of games and got to play dress up. See the necklace? No, I don't accessorize Ella quite yet. Soon, very soon!

Uh oh! Traffic jam. We had a lot of fun and Ella was just worn out by the time we left. She took a good two and a half hour nap when we got home.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Saturday Night Entertainment

Saturday night we went over to my sister's house to have dinner and pick up Trey's truck from their neighbor who had been working on it. Ella had a great time playing with Caleb and Caleb was wired and ready to put on a show for her. Now that she is getting older they play better together.

Can you tell he was wired? Yep the is my sister he is wrapping himself around. I love this picture because it is an actual representation of motherhood, especially mothers of boys!

Of course Ella had to empty Caleb's desk of all of it's books and papers. Then Caleb decided to help. If you can't beat 'em join 'em I guess!

I mean, there wasn't really anything she didn't get into. This is Caleb's helmet, so Ella needed to test it out for him. And trust me, if you have seen that boy ride his four wheeler you know why he needs a helmet.

Trey needed to get in on the fun, so he and Caleb played a round of Wii bowling. I am not going to say who won (ahem...Caleb) because I wouldn't want to embarrass my 27 year old husband. I do have to say Trey had never played before and Caleb plays all the time, so I guess it is not that bad getting beat by a 3-1/2 year old. (Who am I kidding, it's pretty funny!)

We had a great time and Ella was passed out in her carseat after about one minute.

Thursday, March 25, 2010


This summer Trey, Ella and I will be going to four weddings. This may seem a lot to some of you; however, two summers ago was wedding season and I do not even remember how many we had (I could if I thought about it, but don't want to). One day we went to three, yes, three in one day. We had friends who went to all three as well so I have witnesses! It was actually a lot of fun because in between the weddings we all got together at one of their houses and hung out and had a few cocktails. I think that is the only was trey managed all three!

With that being said, all I can think of when I get on the computer is dress shopping!! I LOVE dresses. I would wear a dress every day in the summer if it was practical. I also LOVE dressing up. Now that I have Ella, I LOVE dressing her up to. I almost care what she looks like more than me (almost!). And now I get to color coordinate the whole family. Yes, I am one of those women and I am always going to be.

Now, I have a millions dresses. Some of which people at certain weddings have not seen some of them, but don't you feel prettier in a new dress? I do. I will probably wear at least one, maybe two of the dresses I already have, but that means I get to buy at least one, maybe two. I really like this red dress. I don't have a nice fancy red dress. I really am into ruffles all of a sudden too. Is that because I still feel like I am 16? Will I look like I am 16 if I wear ruffles? Well, carrying a 15 month old on my hip will probably help that.
And if I got the red dress, Ella could wear red too. She looks beautiful in red. well, she looks beautiful in anything, but especially red. Blonde hair, blue eyes, red dress...of course! Isn't it cute?

I would not wear this dress, but I would want to! Haha! I really do like it. Although after being pregnant and loosing all of my baby weight, I don't really want a huge bow looking like I am trying to hide a big tummy. I don't have a big tummy, so I don't want to look like it and I think that is EXACTLY what this dress would do.
But wouldn't it be so cute paired with this dress? I do like Ella is more bright colors, but I think this could be so cute. And I love Trey is pink and he doesn't mind wearing it.
This dress is by far my favorite though. I love this dress!!!! Ruffles again. I haven't seen anything for Ella that would match though. And yes, we do have to match!!! =)
It's not like I don't have two months to find something though!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

We Got A Maid!!

The only problem is she naps on the job, expects to be fed regularly, and really leaves the place messier than she found it!When I was in Wichita last week my Mom bought her this cute little vacuum and broom. They both sing and she really enjoys playing with them. Wait until she grows up and realizes they aren't so much fun! She is just so much fun and I have a blast playing with her everyday. There are times when I laugh so hard I cry because she is just so silly.
Now if only I could really get her to clean!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Fever

I always get antsy around this time of year, or really when the seasons change. And Texas really only has two seasons, hot and cold, so now that we are transitioning to hot I am getting spring fever. I want to change anything and everything. It started with my hair. It went from dark brown to blonde. Next on the list, master bedroom and bathroom both were painted slate blue. I also got a new rug for our breakfast room. (Love it!!)

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This winter has been exceptionally cold , so I am sick of being trapped indoors and I am ready to go play outside! I want to wear short sleeves and flip-flops. Too bad we woke up this morning to get ready for church and Trey looked out the window and saw 4" of snow in our backyard. We got right back in bed since Trey just won't drive in snow! (I thought he was a country boy who would do anything!!)
I bought Ella some fun, vibrant, Spring clothes and I am ready for her to wear them! I have also purchased a few new things for me. I actually stuck to what I needed and bought cute, but casual short sleeve shirts. Gone are the days of needing dressy clothes, yet I still find myself buying them. I just LOVE dresses! However, they just aren't very practical while chasing my energetic 14 month old around.
So, come on warmer weather!!!! I am ready for you to get here!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010


Some of you who read my blog also read my sister-in-law's blog, so you are getting a double dose of this. Last week I spent three days at Jennie's house painting her powder bath. I had gone over the week before and picked out the paint colors. She painted in a gold/bronze with a shimmer to it. I would say metallic, but that gives a whole nother tacky feeling, but I am sure you get the drift. I went over on Tuesday and drew the scrolls. I went over on Wednesday and painted the scrolls. I went over Thursday and pulled my hair out...just kidding, I went over the scrolls and highlighted areas.

Ella was fine the first day. She was excited to be somewhere and get to play with Jennie and Hunter. She was ok the next day, but really wanted to be in that bathroom helping momma. She was not happy the third day and was ready to go home and have her momma all to herself. You see, we spent almost every waking hour together and as much as I am attached to her...she is even more so attached to me. I love it though. Lets me know she loves me. And boy does she love me!

I finished the bathroom though and it looks great.

And I must be sick or crazy, or both, but I think I am going to paint our bedroom and bathroom now! No, NO SCROLLS!!!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Ella is 14 Months Old!

On Saturday our sweet baby girl turned 14 months old! She is looking less and less like a baby and more like a big girl. The weather was great this weekend so we spent nearly all of Saturday outside. Trey's parents got her a wagon for Christmas so we took her for a walk around the neighborhood in it. She had a great time! We went to the park, which she loves and played on the slide and the swings. This girl would swing for hours if she could. She just laughs the whole time. She also sticks her tongue out...I think she likes to feel the wind on it. It is the funniest thing. I tried to get a picture of it, but couldn't.
I have been putting her on the slide for a while now, but this weekend is really the first time she seemed to really like it. She would slide down and then point to the top like "Do it again!".

Then she tried what all kids try, climbing up it. It was pretty funny too.

We had a great weekend and I was so glad to get to spend some time outdoors.
So now that you are 14 months old Ella, this is what you are up to:
  • You still wear 18 or 24 months clothes.
  • You wear a size 5 shoe, but I think we might be moving up a size pretty soon.
  • You wear a size 4 diaper.
  • You hair is getting longer and it is still very blonde.
  • You are still a huge mommas girl. (which I love!)
  • You say uh-oh, no no and you shake your head!, mama, dada, bye, hi, juice, ball, you can almost say thank you and outside.
  • You point to what you want.
  • You know juice comes from the refrigerator so you walk to it and hold your cup up and say juice. I think you think it is going to give it to you automatically!
  • You still only have 8 teeth.
  • You prefer to run now instead of walk.
  • You are a little ham! You cheese grin and fake laugh and charm everyone around you.
  • You love to give kisses & high fives and wave at anyone and everyone all the time
  • You flash everyone and point to your belly button, you are very proud of it!
  • You know where your nose is and will point to it sometimes, but you prefer to point to others noses when asked where yours is.
  • You are so happy and so sweet!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Typical Day of SAHM

Kellys Korner asks what is your typical day? Well, let me tell you my days are just action packed and full of traveling and adventures. Okay, so maybe not. I am a stay at home Mom and my typical day goes something like this. We usually have playdates ar MOPS at least once a week so the schedule adjusts accordingly. Also, I love to go to lunch with friends so that completely throws things out of whack. The good news is Ella adjusts so well and hardly ever gets fussy.

9:30 a.m. Ella wakes up & eats breakfast
Then it is time to play! We stay in our jammies and just have a good time. I chase her, she chases me, we wrestle, and have lots of fun. All that playing makes a girl hungry and sleepy.
12:30 Lunch & Nap time until around 2:00
I use this time to take a shower and get ready. I will clean, watch TV, get on the computer or do whatever I need to do that day. We usually go for a walk if the weather is nice, or this is when I go run errands or go shopping
3:00 Snack Time
4:30 Dad comes home from work and helps with her so I can cook dinner
5:30 Dinner Time
6:00 Nap Time Until around 8:00
After she wakes up she plays with Dad and Mom
9:00 Bath time and the whole bedtime routine starts. We read a few books, drink some milk, eat a snack, snuggle for a while
10:00 Ella's Bedtime

I have gotten in a bad routine of staying up late, until around 1, because I get to sleep in. I have started setting an alarm to try and wake up, but I just can't. I need to work on that.