Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Fourth Of July

For the 4th we went to our friends Lyndsey and Will's house. Their house is up on a hilland has some great views of the lake. I always get pictures of the girls, but I always forget to do a family shot. Thankfully Lyndsey and Amanda are much better at remembering to take pics (and blogging them!) than I am, so viola...family pic. 

On one hand it is great that you can't tell I am 8 months pregnant, on the other I have been SO bad about taking pics of my growing belly I wish I had turned and moved Ella to the side. Oh well! 

These little ones are all very close in age and such sweet friends. I love watching them grow up together! 

And here is the whole crew.

Miss frosting face really enjoyed the supcakes that Amanda brought!

And we bought some poppers for the kids. I love Ella's intense face! 

And sadly that is where our fun on the Fourth ends! Will had been smoking a brisket all day, which was delicious, and put the hot coals in a bucket and it looked like sand. Ella, who loves sand, stuck her hand in the bucket and burned and blistered her sweet little hand. She was hysterical, Trey went to get some burn cream, but it didn't work very well so we went home and got our good burn cream and an ice pack. We stayed up until 11:30 watching movies and eating popsicles. Poor girls hand hurt so bad! 

Praise the Lord the next morning it felt better and we kept it wrapped up with cream on it so it wouldn't start hurting. Trey had gotten the girls sparklers so we waited until it got dark and went outside to do them. 

And not surprisingly, both were scared of them!