Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Loralei is 9 Months Old

Loralei you are 9 months old! (And in true fashion I am one month behind) At your doctor appointment you were 30" long and weighed 30 pounds. You wear size 24 Months or 2T. You actually wore a pair of your sister's 4T capri pants. They fit you, but were long pants on you instead of capris. You have a lot of junk in your trunk! 

Lydia still thinks she is your best friend. She gives you kisses and hugs all day long. And an occasional choke hold! You love each of your sisters and give each one of them a huge smile when they walk in the room. 

You like your jumper. I wouldn't say love, but you like it and go to town bouncing in it for about 10 minutes. Then you are done. You prefer to roll all around without restrictions. You scoot on your hiney and roll. Still no crawling. Your doctor said you are just a big girl and it is hard for big girls to crawl.

You celebrated your first Easter. 

See all of that drool. You now have 6 teeth and are cutting your 7th!  Wow that is a lot of teeth.

You love it when people talk to you and will flash them a big grin. You don't like when they try and hold you though! You are still Momma's girl.

The teething thing has caused a week or two of very interrupted sleeping so we have both been pretty tired. You go to sleep at 8:30, who knows if you will wake up or not during the night, and sleep until I wake you up for school at 7:20. You go down for a three hour nap at 10:30. Just in time to go get sisters. Then you take an evening nap from 5-6. Overall you have been a great napper. 

You are eating more and more baby food every day. You also love your puffs and yogurt melts. No real food yet, still just mush. You still nurse 5 times a day.

You are just the absolute best! So sweet and squishy and lovable. YOu have all of us wrapped around your chubby finger!