Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Girls

Oh my girls, I don't even know where to start! I feel like time is just flying when I look back at pictures. We were in the car earlier and Ella said "Layla is getting so big". Even she is noticing!
These girls are my joy and my headache! Trying to get a picture of the two of them together is alost impossible. I can NOT believe I have a photo where they are both looking and neither is crying!
They can fight and make each other cry, but they are fiercely protective of one another. Layla is a hitter and a bitter! She is 100% ornery. She does not like Ella to sit in my lap and tries to claim her territory (me). If you take a toy away from her she screams. She is quite a spitfire!
Ella is very sensitive and has a sweet heart. She is so ornery too though. She is more sneaky, not like Layla who will hit right in front of me, or even try to hit me. When Ella was little I could give her a stern NO and she would cry. If I do the exact same thing to Layla she looks at me like "Come and get me bc I am going to do it anyways!". Ella is incredibly helpful and still full of hugs and kisses. We were in the store the other day and Ella said "Mommy" and I answered yes, and she said "I love you Mommy" and a group of women heard her say this without any prompting and just died over how cute it was. 
When they are being sweet though they play so well together. Layla just cackles at Ella and Ella loves to entertain Layla. Ella is very concerned if we are out somewhere are Layla gets more than a foot away. Which is a little frustrating when you are chasing a roaming toddler and you have a three year old crying saying "Get Layla, Momma, get her!!".

I could use a little less drama, but I am sure the older they get the more drama will come.

Building A House

We looked at a lot of houses in person and a ton online before deciding to build a house. I still think it was the best decision, but after two months in an apartment and about a  month and a half left  to go I am going a little crazy!!

This is what it looked like when we purchased it...dirt.

We went to the design gallery and pick out our selections. This is our carpet, tile on the first floor (kitchen, breakfast, powder room, utility, and master bath) our granite, cabinet finish (very scratched and dinged up sample, but you get it!) and the decorative metal accent that will be in our backsplash.

I received this photo from our builder while we were in Colorado on vacation. Finally framing!

Once they started it went pretty quickly. This was taken three days after the previous photo. (Yes, I stay in my car and take the pics bc I always have the girls with me!)

I am going to see what we can do about keeping that port-a-potty directly in front of the house, it just looks so good there!

They finished HVAC, plumbing, and electrical and we are supposed to get insulation soon. It has been fun to watch it go up, but I am so ready for it to be finished!! Living in a two bedroom apartment with two little ones has not been easy! 

Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Teacher

On Thursday Ella, Layla and I went to school to meet Ella's teacher. The wonderful part about First Baptist is that a lot of the teachers that work at weekday school also work at MOPS. Ella's teacher for weekday school watched Layla in the nursery last year in MOPS, so Layla and I already know her.

Ella is in the older three year old classroom. Almost all of her friends from her class last year are in the middle threes. I was a little sad about that at first, but she will just get to meet even more friends. Plus most of the kids from her class last year are still in her Sunday school. She loves  going to school, so I am pretty sure she doesn't care what class she is in and I do kind of prefer her to be in the oldest classroom.

So I weighed and measured her this morning so we would know her official going back to school size! She weighs 41.4 pounds and is 43-1/2" tall. She wears a size 5/6 clothes and wears a size 12 shoe. I did buy her a pair at Crazy 8 that were size 13, they must run a little small. She is so tall, most people this she is 5!! Plus she acts like she is 16.

Layla was not in a picture mood! I am glad she is not old enough to go to school! I will hate having both of my girls gone next year. 

Trying to get a picture of these two together now is almost impossible!

And usually this is what happens!

I am excited for Ella. I honestly would prefer for her to stay at home, but I know how much she loves going. I miss her when she is gone!