Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Birthday Present

My Mom called me a few weeks before my birthday and asked me what I wanted. Of course I said money! Then I thought about it and was thinking of all things I could possibly want, but I kept coming back to a swingset for Ella. So I called my Mom back and told her I wanted a swingset for Ella for my birthday. And here it is....

in a million pieces! Trey of course got the awesome opportunity to put it together for me. So what did he do....He called his Dad and asked him to come and help!

Ella was so excited when she saw her Daddy and Granpop putting it together. (Please excuse her crazy outfit. She was wearing this dress and would not take it off, so I put the warmest pants she has on her which happen to be zebra print.)

Right in the middle of it, of course!

The guys worked all morning and finished it around 5:30. Ella went down for a nap at 2:30 and when she got up at 5:30 it was all ready for her!
Silly Daddy!
She played on it for a long time. Then this morning she had to go outside first thing to go "play at the park".

Thank you Mom and Dad for getting me a present that my baby girl loves! And thank you Jack for coming down here and putting it together.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


This is how it goes whenever I am ever taking pictures of Layla...

First picture. No Ella in sight. I am talking very loudly and making noises to get Layla to look.
Second picture. Ella hears what is going on and she comes to investigate. See the big smile on her face.
Third Picture. Ella is still smiling in the background, but now it is the forced smile. The smile that says "Look at me, Pay attention to me!".
Fourth Picture. I am mad. I feel left out. Take my picture, not Layla's!

Fifth Picture. Ahhh! The center of attention again!

Basking in the limelight.

Okay, I'm over it. 

And back to Layla!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend my Mom came in town for my birthday, which was the 20th, so my sister came over and we took the kids to the pumpkin patch in town. We hadn't ever been to this one, but it was cute and they had hay rides, animals to feed, a little train and pumpkins. The kids really had fun and ran all over the place and wore us out.
Ella and Layla's Grandma (Trey's Mom) got them these precious outfits last time they were in town.
They went on the little train, which went so slow for our little ones. Ella kept blowing kisses, waiving and yelling "watch out!". I guess she thought they needed her help directing things.

Granny and Ella fed the goats, sheep and cows. I was surprised that Ella would stick her hand out, but she did great.

This sign was so cute!

Of course we couldn't get all the kid to stick their heads through this at once, but oh well!

It was pretty hot outside so by the time we left we were all sweating. Ella's eyes were getting more and more red and then started getting yucky stuff in them so we had to call the doctor and get medicine for pink eye! Yuck! Poor thing....her eyes got so red, and she DID NOT like having eye drops put in but she is getting better. Never a dull moment! 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Layla is 5 Months!!

Layla Lou, or as Ella calls you Layla Boo Boo, I can't believe you are already 5 months old!! I weighed you this morning and you are up to almost 24 pounds! You had to switch you to size 4 diapers earlier this month and they fit so much better! You have such big thighs and tummy. Well, honestly, everything is pretty big, but those stand out! I love how chunky you are and I wouldn't trade it for anything. You can still wear size 12 month onesies, but 18 month pants fit better now I  just have to roll them up because they are a little long. Everywhere we go everyone asks if you are 7 or 8 months and they are shocked when i saw that you just turned 5 months.

You got your first tooth on September 30th. We were at your Daddy's reunion in Holliday watching a football game when it finally broke through. Your second one is almost through, but not quite.

You are almost sitting up on your own. Well, you can sit up by yourself for a while, but then you start slumping over, so you are 90% there!!! You can roll from your tummy to your back and your back to your tummy. You are a rolling machine!!

You blow spit bubbles all the time! Your clothes are constantly drenched with spit. You love to talk and laugh. You grab for everything and love to pull Mommy and Ella's hair. I remember I wasn't able to wear a necklace for a long time with your big sister and you are going to be the same.

You LOVE your big sister! When you are fussy Ella always sings to you and you instantly start smiling. You light up when you see her and you love it when she plays with you. I LOVE watching you two together and seeing how much you love each other, there is nothing more sweet!

On the down side, you still won't take a bottle. You won't take a pacifier either, but that doesn't bother me. You also have some serious Mommy attachment. You won't let too many people hold you, I think you just have stranger anxiety, well and I am just such a fabulous Mom, who wouldn't be attached to me! HAHAHA!!!

We love you, love you, love you and I don't care that I am the only one who ever gets to hold you because you are my baby! It's not such a bad thing!