Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Last Day of School!

School is over! We were all awaiting the last day and are ready for sleeping in and swimming all day! My sweet girls have both changed over the year, but look at how much older my little Layla looks! 

First day and last day comparisons! Ella has gotten taller and her hair has grown. Layla has gone from a toddler to a little girl! 

 Look at all that sass in one picture! Oh my goodness I love them!

And they love each other!!

Ella had the best teachers this year. I have known Miss Amanda for a while through MOPS and church. She was a teacher the last year or two at a private school, so to have her teaching Ella in her last year of Pre-K was wonderful. Miss Kali was super sweet with the kiddos and all I ever heard was how funny she was. 

 They had a little graduation ceremony where the kids sang and looked all kinds of cute! Then they got their diploma and a new Bible.

This is Ella's class. 

 And I just died when this came on the screen. Ella in a cap and gown! Hysterical!! A little 18 year old!

We love Parker and Peyton Thomas. Their Mom was Layla's teacher and was always loving on my baby! It was such a crazy day with the focus on Ella that I didn't get a pic of Layla and Miss Tammy and Melody. 

Afterwards we headed to Chuck E Cheese!! My girls are terrified of him so when he comes out Ella heads up to the tunnels to keep an eye on him and to keep away from him!

I am not sad that weekday school is over. We were all ready for the Summer and to spend all our time together. I wish I could keep them home with me all the time, but I know it is so good for them and they love all their sweet friends. We were blessed with another fun year and sweet teachers. Now, I will be an emotional mess and crying when Kindergarten starts, but for now I am soaking up all my time with my girls before Lydia arrives and Kindergarten starts. August is going to be full of changes!!