Thursday, January 21, 2016

Christmas 2015

The night before Christmas we always bake and decorate some cookies for ourselves and for Santa. Always lots of frosting and sprinkles!!

The picture in front of the tree is also a must. This year was a little more difficult as Lydia didn't want to sit still!

You willnotice in the picture above there aren't any presents under the tree. That is because they are all of the dining room table because Lydia wouldn't leave them alone. After they went to sleep we moved all the presents and Santa laid out all of his presents. 

Ella asked for Monster high dolls, skates, and lots of chapter books. Layla asked for the Lalaoopsy doll that goes potty and a skateboard, and Lydia got a piggy bank.

Daddy had to wake little miss up! Then she came charging in.

They had a great morning of opening presents and got all they asked for and then some. They all worked together and helped open and there was no was glorious.

After we had to clean up and get ready for the family to come over. This is Granny and Papa with all their grandkids.

Our turn!

Afterwards we ate, opened a million more presents and had a wonderful day with our family. At the end of all the presents I ran into my room and told Mom I had one more for her. We took this picture first thing that morning, I printed it and put it in a frame! Baby Calhoun #4 will be here in August! I also sent this in a text to my four bestest friends. It was a good day!