Tuesday, July 5, 2016

July 4th

Wow! What a fun, busy, tiring, exciting three day weekend we had! We started Saturday with our cul-de-sac party. We have the best neighbors and our kids are close in age and love to play together so we have lots of little get togethers, but we go big for July 4th. We have a band, bounce house, blow up water slide, kid pool (bc it is HOT), everyone brings food and we stay out late until the kids baasically pass out from exhaustion. It is the best!

We have new neighbors this year and they loved helping the little ones with fireworks. 

Poppers are always a huge hit. We bought 10 or so boxes and used them all this night. We were supposed to save some for the other two nights, but the cops came and told us we could do sparklers, so we used all the poppers.

This girl was all over the place and playing with all her friends, so she wasn't around me for too many pictures. The busy social life of a seven year old!

We love sparklers! The cops pulled up while I was burning this! Oops!

The next night we headed to my sister's house for a family get together. The girls loved seeing Granny and Papa.

And of course Uncle John had ALL the fireworks.


Glow sticks are always a big hit and each kids had on about 30! Layla just kept making more and more.

Finally, on July 4th we had our friends over for a relaxing time of grilling and playing.

These kids are big buddies. Brooke however is not a big fan of taking pictures! Can you tell??

Maybe next year Brooke. And there will be two more little ones to add to the group!!

I Love these girls. Can't say enough about them, or how much they mean to me. When everyone left I just tole Trey, I love our friends! The kids love each other and the husbands are all great. It just makes everything so fun when you have a tight knit group to share and enjoy life with.

Another attempt. Everyone's not looking, but no one is crying!

We broke out the sparklers (in the back yard this time) to wind down the evening.

We had a great fourth and this morning my big kids slept until 9:45 and the little one slept until 11:00! We are not getting out of our pj's today.