Monday, January 31, 2011

Two Year Check Up

We went to Ella's two year check up last week and not to my surprise, she is doing great! She ran into the office as soon as the nurse called us back from the waiting room and hopped right onto the scale. She then hopped right off, but the sweet nurse gave her two Dora stickers to coax her back on. She weighs 32.6 pounds, which is in the 95th percentile and is 36-1/4", which is in the 95th percentile. When the doctor came in to see us she said Ella is the size of an average three year old, so not to be surprised if people ask me she if she is three. Well, this has been happening for about 3 months now, so I am used to it!!

The doctor said at this age they need to be able to put two words together. I told her Ella is speaking in 5-6 word sentences. Ella also did a little showing off by counting to 10. Ella also knows the color blue and the shape circle. Dr. Smart said by the age of three they need to know colors and shapes, so we are a little ahead of schedule. She did have to have a flu shot, booster shot of some sorts, and they pricked her finer to get blood and test for anemia. Ella HATES band aids, so she ripped it off her finger as soon as the nurse wasn't looking and got blood all over her shirt and wiped her nose so it got on her face.

We also talked potty training and I told her Ella was doing great! Which she was, until that afternoon of course!! We even went and picked up big girl underw*** at Target, but I think that is what started the back tracking. Oh well, I really am not too worried about it. My goal s to have her potty trained by May when Layla arrives and I don't see that being a problem at all. Here she is in all her glory!

I have been so sick since Friday afternoon it isn't such a big deal that she isn't going potty because honestly, I just don't think I could take her to the bathroom every 10 minutes. I have a very lovely deep man growling voice and hack up a lung about every 30 minutes. I felt a tiny bit better today from about 3-5 so I am hoping that I am on the upside of things. It is just not fun being sick, entertaining a two year old, and being pregnant. I told my Mom it is times like these that I really wished she lived down the street from me instead of 2-1/2 hours!

Ella is a little ham. She loves making funny faces. Here are two she made when I was asking her to make funny faces. This first one is her favorite one to make. (Yes, she is t******* in both photos because the girl likes to be n****. My parents love to tell people about how they could not keep clothes on me when I was little and it looks as if my girl is following in my footsteps) She had also just eaten ravioli so she has a dirty face.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Ella's 2nd Birthday Party!

We had Ella's second birthday party on Saturday at our house. We kept it simple again this year and only invited family, but trust me, the girl got enough presents!!! My mom and I got her her "big girl" bedding that will go on her bed once we convert it to a full size bed, so I based the party's color scheme on her bedding, well and her outfit! I painted this painting to go in her room. I love the way it turned out!! You saw the picture in the frame in the last post, her being all sassy!

I LOVE her cake!!!! I found a picture of a cake and gave it to someone to make and she did it PERFECT!! This is the second time I have used her and she does such an awesome job and her cakes are sooo good! I was sad to have to cut it. I wanted to just leave it the way it was!!

Me and my sweet girl!

Ella and her Daddy. 

Ella ad her Granny and Papa. She was posing and smiling until I got my camera! Then she got distracted, oh well, it is still cute.
Birthday girl with her cake. Her Uncle John was behind the camera trying to get her to take a bite of the cake or put her finger it in. She was getting tickled!

We all sang happy birthday to her and she has been singing it to herself every day since! She is so funny! 

The balloons were a big hit with the kiddos. I think Hunter wins to award for most obsessed with the balloons. He was precious! He even put a balloon in Ella's doll stroller and pushed it around.

Ella got SO many presents. I asked my sister to get her a Dora doll. Right now she is obsessed with Dora and Mickey. This Dora sings happy birthday and Ella loves it. We have to hold Dora while we watch her on tv.

Notice I bought her a baby Alive and it is sitting in my lap. She didn't really care too much about it and still doesn't fuss with it to much. Her friend Jalie has one and she just about had a heart attack the other day when we left Jalie's house and she couldn't take the baby with us. I thought, oh I will get her one..and NOTHING! She could care less. I guess I need to invite Jalie over to our house with her doll and Ella will like hers! =)

Her Aunt Jennie got her this precious Minnie Mouse. Now she has a Minnie and a Mickie and we always make them dance to hot dog dance. Her Minnie is way better than her Mickie though and so soft a cuddly. She has slept with Minnie several nights now.

Her Grandma and Grandad got her a table and chairs and all the little ones loved sitting at it. Poor Hunter fell over in a chair though, so that ended the fun for him. 

What would a party be without high heels? Well, Ella got two pairs!

She walked away with bedding, three new dolls, lots of clothes, high heels, a real tea set, a Barbie four wheeler and tons more stuff that I can't even think about. Most importantly she had a blast with her cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. Thank you so much to all of our family for making Ella's second birthday party so much fun for her and her parents!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Happy Birthday Ella!

Happy birthday to my sweet baby girl, Ella, who turned TWO today! What an amazing, tiring, exhausting, fun two years it has been. You are so sweet, precious, sassy, ornery and strong willed all at the same time! Picture above, sweet and sassy. Picture below, stubborn and ornery. This is you telling me "No, momma!". You bend down and point that finger and say it with such force. I do get on to you and give your butt a little swat, but inside all I want to do is laugh.

I love that you still want to cuddle with me and are the best little cuddle bug! Every morning we watch a cartoon and you sit right next to me on the sofa with my rm around you all nuzzled under my arm. If I try to get up you say "Sit momma!". I love that you want me to be with you and love on you.

We changed you crib into a toddler bed and you had no problem at all. I had serious doubt about it and told your Daddy that I just knew the next morning there would be toys everywhere and I had no idea what you would get into, but I was wrong. You went right to bed, jumped in, laid your head down and said "Night night." Every night we say our prayers and sing Jesus Loves Me and I tell you I love you and you say "I luh you too momma." It melts my heart to hear you say those words!

You are obsessed with your babies and we have 5 in the car with us at all times! Any time we get out of the car to go into store we must take a baby with us. Recently you have started singing Jesus Loves Me to your babies and Rock-a-bye baby. It is so sweet! You are going to be such a good big sister!!

You are so social and say Hi to almost every single person we pass when we are at the grocery store, etc. When they don't say Hi back you proceed to say it louder hoping to get a response. If a person is polite and says Hi back, you say "how are you?" it seems so grown up! You are very polite and always say please and thank you. This is something your Daddy and I really love that you do. Other grown ups have told us that they have never met such a polite little girl. That makes your Mom so happy!

There are not a whole lot of words that you can't say. You can count to ten. You know as many animal sounds as I can think of and can identify all of them as well. We are currently working on colors, it seems that blue is one of your favorites, it is one of mine too. You still love to read as many books as we can. You love to dance and always break out a few moves when you hear music.

You are happy and loving and just the best little girl your Mom and Dad could ask for. Dad loves coming home from work and hearing you run to the door yelling "Daddy's home!". I love that you always want me to hold you. We go to the doctor next week and we will get your stats then, but seeing as how you are just as tall as most of the three year olds we know, I am not worried about them! I love you so much and feel so Blessed that God gave you to us!!

Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010

We had a great Christmas here at our house. When Ella was little Trey and I said that we would always have Christmas morning at our house. That is what both of us did as little kids and we want the same for our kids. It was so sweet watching Ella wake up and see her toys in front of the tree. We had some toys open and sitting out and some for her to play with.

She loved her Mickey Mouse. She is going through a Mickey stage right now and just loves him.

She got a Mrs. Potato head from Toy Story and Play Doh and a Dora coloring book with over 700 stickers. Guess how many are on my coffee table right now?!
She also got this little Crayola coloring thing. The faster you color the fast the music plays. She loves to color!

Reading her new Mickey Mouse book with her new Mickey.
The rest of my family came over for lunch. All Ella could talk about all week was Hunter, Caleb and Uncle John. She usually goes on and on about Granny and Papa, but her cousins were on her mind this time. And her Uncle John loves to play with the kiddos and they all love him.
Hunter came in wearing a Santa hat and Trey had some in his truck so all the kids wore them. Ella kept hers on for a long time! She kept saying Ho, Ho, Ho!
Sweet Hunter with his Papa. Do they look alike or what??
Not to be left out, Trey put on a Santa hat! He might get mad at me for this one!
Ella and my sister Corey.
Hunter took over Ella's job from last year. He would rather sit on his boxes than open the presents.
Ella also got this art easel from her Granny and Papa. She has loved drawing on the chalk board and playing with the magnets.
Aunt Jennie and Uncle Kyle, or Uncle Moo as Ella calls him, got her the cutest Disney Belle dress and Beauty and the Beast movie. She looks like a doll!
Papa and his thee grandkids. Next year there will be two more added to this picture. Our baby girl is coming in May and my brother Kyle is having another baby in July. I can't wait! I hope those two love each other as much as Ella and Hunter do.
Granny got in on the picture.
Our attempt at the whole family. Ella and Caleb weren't cooperating too much!
My amazing hubby and sweet, sweet girl! I love these two!
After a busy day, we cleaned house again because it was a wreck after all those presents and prepared for Trey's family to come the next day. Ella's Grandma and Grandad got her this cute kitchen. It even makes a boiling noise when you put a pot on the stove. We have had a lot of fun cooking in her kitchen.
Ella and Grandma playing.

Wearing her Uncle Zachary's sunglasses.

I didn't do too good taking pictures this day because I was so tired! Ella got the cutest light up Disney princess suitcase from her Great Grandmother and a Little Mermaid tricycle from her Aunt Mary Kate and Uncle Zachary and a sock monkey from her Aunt Lindsey and Uncle Shane. Plus, many many more things! We are so blessed to have the families we do and Ella is one spoiled little girl! I wouldn't have it any other way though!