Wednesday, March 19, 2014

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Ella's Room Makeover

Ella has had the same bedding and bedroom decor since she was two. I LOVED it so much, but I felt like she needed a room that was a little more grown up. Also, for those of you that know me, know that I love change (in a design setting) and I love redoing rooms! It is my crack! Sooooo, Ella got all new stuff! 

Recap, here is her old room.

I had actually changed the bed by scooting it against the wall and moved the wall hangings accordingly. So, it had already had a mini makeover. 

But, here is her new room. 

We moved the queen size bed from the guest room (new baby's room) to Ella's room. She got new bedding, a new headboard, and nightstand.

I really wanted an upholstered headboard and I had made ours in our master bedroom, so I knew it wasn't hard. However, I wanted Ella's to have a design (ours is just straight across, but has nailhead trim). I borrowed my sweet friend Lyndsey's jig saw. Thanks Lyndsey!!!! I couldn't wait for Trey to get home to do it, so I drew it out and cut it myself. Then cut the foam, added the batting and was thinking to myself "Ha, this is way easier to upholster than I though. This isn't hard at all!". Then it was time to put the fabric on. After ten minuted I called my Mom and told her I was about to throw it all away. Wrapping the curves was easy, but the corners just about did me in! I finally got it, had Trey hang it up, which he was dying to do (sarcasm - he HATES my projects) and LOVED it!

Now here is my other secret for redoing a room. I change stuff all the imte, but when I am done with it I don't throw it away, I save it because I never know when I may want to use it again. The lamp on her nightstand was in our guest bedroom at our old house. I was over it, but it was $75 so I wasn't going to get rid of it. I went through my stash closet, saw it and know it would be perfect. All I had to do was spray pain the shade! I also spray painted the shelves, pictures frames and candles. Yes, you can spray paint candles as long as you aren't planning on ever burning them! 

I spray painted these scones and candles also. 

 Sprau painted the curtain rod, and these are the old curtains from our master bedroom. They are WAY too long, so I will either (eventually) hem them or I will buy fabric to match the headboard and make my own. I am leaning towards #2.

The pictures frames were black and this collage was in our living room in the old house. See, keep your stuff! I painted them pink and will eventually replace some of  the pictures with ones of Ella and her buddies. 

I LOVE it! It is bright and colorful and Ella loves it which makes it even more worth it! 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ella's Fifth Birthday!!

Ella turned 5 in January! I still can't believe it! I asked her where she wanted to have her birthday party and she picked Build A Bear. She is obsessed with Build A Bear for some reason and always asks to go there. She has 10 or so I believe! We had it on a weekday since most of her friends moms are SAHMs. 

 Granny made the trip down. Ella was very specific in who she wanted to be at her party.

 I told her we could invite her whole class, or anyone she wanted. She wanted Granny, Papa, her sister, Brookly, Katie, Jalie (who is in school so she couldn't come), Wyatt, Parker and Peyton. Well, Wyatt now lives in Mississippi and Parker and Peyton got sick that morning so we ended up with a smaller crowd and since it was last minute I couldn't invite anyone else. Ella didn't mind at all and was thrilled with her small group. She is more like her Daddy than her Mommy!

After Build A Bear we headed over to the cookie store to eat her cookie cake and open presents. 

We had her family birthday the weekend after and all her cousins came. 

This year we did a pinata. She was very excited about it! All of the kids got to hit it 4 or 5 times and then Trey had to break it open.

We have yet to have her 5 year well appointment! I know, I am a bad mom! She is smart andhealthy though so I don't need a doctor to tell me that! 

Monday, March 17, 2014

Baby #3

I found out I was pregnant on December 21!

I was in Wichita Falls for Trey's family's Christmas, so I texted him this picture. I had to call him five minutes later because he still hadn't replied! I had a feeling I was pregnant and had already told him, so he wasn't shocked but he was very excited. Then I had to keep it a secret! Uhhh! That was hard. 

We told both families by letting Layla tell them she was going to be a big sister. She had to tell my Mom three times because my Mom wasn't paying attention. 

I had my first appointment and my first sonogram on January 28. There is our sweet little peanut!

After I passed the 12 week point I was ready to let everyone know. Well, besides my best friends who all knew we were trying and I just couldn't keep a secret from. I took the girls out for a photo shoot. 

I love how it turned out! Love my sweet girls!

At my 15 week appointment the doctor had a had time finding the heartbeat, but I got another sonogram and baby was still growing and doing just fine! He/She was just moving all over the place.

So, now I am 17 weeks! We find out next week what we are having. I think I will be in shock if we are having a boy, I don't know if we can make boys! Boy or girl though, all I want is a healthy baby. I will be thrilled with another little girl with bows, pink and ruffles. Or I will love all things new and getting to experience being a boy mom.