Friday, December 30, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas day my family came to our house for lunch. Poor Layla! Every time Caleb wants a picture with him he just rubs her sweet cheeks. He is pretty crazy about her though, which is so sweet.

And rubbing...

I had to save her!

We had a delicious lunch and then it was time to open presents! Ella opened her own and helped me with Layla's too.

Granny bought her favorite movie, The Princess and the Frog. Yes, we have watched it approximately 749 times already!

She also got her Jessie from Toy Story. Hunter got Woody and they had them all playing together and it was so cute!

Hunter carried Woody around for a long time.

We bought Hunter a cowboy hat, stick horse and pistol. He put on his cowboy hat and my brother told him to ride his stick horse and say "Yee haw!". Well, he soon moved on to Ella's Belle Tea Cart and would push it while wearing his cowboy hat and say "Yee haw!".

Hunter wanted Papa to wear his hat. It's a little too small Dad. 

Layla and her Granny!

This was the best family shot we could get. The kids were tired and not at all interested in taking pictures. We usually do a whole family shot, but it was NOT going to happen.

As son as everyone left the girls and I all took naps. I had a horrible cold and felt so yucky and am still trying to get over it. The girls got so many toys and presents and have actually been playing with them. It was so much fun seeing all of the excitement on Ella's face. I can't wait to see how much Layla will enjoy it in the years to come.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas Morning

I was so excited for Christmas this year! It has been so much fun seeing and hearing everything from Ella's perspective. Everything to her is so "prettyful" (beautiful + pretty) and magical! She would wake up in the morning and come into the living room and say "Oh Momma, this room is so prettyful!". She loved the Christmas tree, the decorations, and especially Christmas lights. I loved playing with her Little People Nativity scene and talking about Jesus and reading her the real story of Christmas.

Christmas Morning we woke up early and waited on Ella to wake up. Layla, who normally wakes up around 9:30 was so excited she woke up at 6:30! By the time Ella woke up at 8:30 Layla was ready to go to sleep! We had her stay up though to finish opening presents.

Trey went to get Ella in her room so I could take a picture as soon as she saw her presents. She was so excited!

Because this is the first thing she saw! Her new princess bike!

Santa brought her the bike, a bean bag, and a princess vanity set that lights up and talks with jewelery and makeup.

She loves her bike!

She ran and jumped in her bean bag chair!

She was so excited about all of her presents! I love this sweet smile on her face.

My two sweet girls! Christmas couldn't have been any better!

Layla was investigating what Santa brought her, a singing puppy and a ball with lots of activities.

Then it was time to open presents from Mom and Dad. We got her the princess doll from Tangled that has a light up singing vanity. She LOVED it!

New shoes!

 Go Texas Tech!!

This girl loves anything sparkly, so these sparkly boots were a sure bet!

This was the best picture Trey could get. Ella wanted to play and Layla wanted to sleep! 

Yes, we did get presents for each other, but the girls are much more fun to photograph. I got Trey a Texas Tech hat, shirt, and some Adidas mesh shorts and pants. He always tells me to get him comfortable, casual clothes because I usually get him nice dress clothes, so I finally listened!

He got me a cute charm necklace, a pair of TOMS, and a book on sewing. Yep, I sewed Layla's stocking and decided I want to start sewing a few things here and there.

We forgot all about the stockings and opened them after we opened all of our presents so Ella was excited there was even more stuff! We had a great morning and watching Ella open everything was so much fun. I even had her open my presents because I knew she enjoyed it. We had the best Christmas morning and played with everything until my family came over for lunch. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas in Holliday

Last weekend we went to Holliday to do our Christmas celebration with Trey's family. Ella had a great time playing with her cousin, Raelyn. Raelyn loves doing everything Ella does and being her little copycat. These two were giggling and hollering the whole weekend!

Layla's Aunt Lindsey was feeding her dinner, so it is coming out of her mouth, but she is sitting in her Gigi's lap (Trey's Grandmother).

My handsome husband.

Aunt Lindsey.

Me and my sweet girl! She was rolling everywhere and trying to put everything in her mouth!

After dinner we opened presents and I didn't get too many pictures because Layla kept trying to eat the paper and was grabbing everything so I was a little busy!  Ella got a doll house from her Grandma and Grandpop, along with a ton of other stuff.

Layla got this little pig that shakes and makes noises along with so many other things. Her she is sitting with her Grandma.

We got so many presents I was worried it wouldn't all fit in the car! We got it all in, but it was packed! We had a great time and the girls got so many wonderful presents. 

Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Decorations

I love decorating for Christmas, really I just love decorating. Most of my stuff is the same as lat year, so this post will look familiar if you were a reader last year. So, I have cut down on the amount of photos since there is a lot of repetition. You can see last year's post here.

I usually have the big tree in the dining room and usually it is the bronze tree, but I moved it to the living room this year and used the red and green on it. I really like having the big tree where I see it more often. The red and green ornaments are plastic instead of glass so they will always be the ones in the living room where we always are.

Trey's Mom has made all of our stockings, but this year I wanted to try and see if I could make Layla's. I did it!!! And it turned out really good (at least I think so). I didn't have a pattern. but I made it work and it is a fully functional stocking! I need to have it monogrammed, but my sweet friend who said she would do it was having a lot of machine problems, but it will get done sooner or later.

The full view.

This is the light fixture in my breakfast room. It is visible from the living room so it is red and green too.

Ella made this sweet sign at her little school and I just love it!

This is in the foyer. The presents are a new addition this year. Ella really likes them!

This is the smaller tree that is now in the dining room. These ornaments are all glass, so I don't let the girls touch or be around this tree without me around. It is just so pretty I hate not to put it up. Ella is really good about not touching either of the tree's.

My pretty Santa that is in the piano. (Please excuse the streaky mirror!)

Since I had more ornaments than needed I added some to this light fixture and I really like it.

Merry Christmas!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Santa 2011

I have been such a procrastinator this Christmas!!! I still don't have all of my presents bought, so that obviously means I still have wrapping to do, I ran out of ribbon so I need to buy more, and Christmas is at my house on Sunday so I need to get busy!

One of the things I kept putting off was seeing Santa. Well, my sweet hubby has been working NON stop and it seems like I haven't seen him since November, so that is some of the reason. We went to Wichita this weekend so I finally sound some time to take the girls. We had to wait about 20 minutes for him to get there, but we were third in line.

I was worried Layla wasn't going to do very well. Let's face it, I thought Ella was a Momma's girl, but Layla blows Ella out of the water when in comes to it. She really prefers for me to be the only one to hold her and if someone else is holding her I must be within 4 feet! Buuuuttt, she did so good!

She didn't smile. I didn't expect her to. She had not gotten a nap the day before and was TIRED, but she didn't cry!

But where is my other child you ask? Oh, she was crying and throwing a fit and was not about to get within 10 feet of Santa. Soooo, for the third year in a row I got my picture made with Santa! Yep, the tradition continues! At least Ella is not crying or fitting in the picture!

In case you weren't reading my blog last year, here is Ella with Santa 2010.

And 2009.

Do you notice a pattern? That girl does not like Santa, the Easter bunny or anything dressed up in a large suit. Oh well, I still love her to pieces!