Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Loralei Is Three Months!

You are three months old!! And apparently this month I hardly ever broke out my real camera and only used my cell phone, ugh! You are sleeping through the night regularly! I was afraid to post it and make it official, but I feel like I can now. You go to sleep at 9 and I wake you up at 7 to feed you before we take Ella and Layla to school. 

You usually eat right before we leave, it takes 30-35 minutes to get back home and you stay asleep in your car seat for at least another hour. You wake up, eat and are ready to play! Only for about an hour though before you are ready to go back to sleep.
Tummy time usually consists of this! I lay you down and talk to you for a while, then I have to get up to get juice for Lydia, or food for Lydia, or anything else Lydia wants and come back and find you asleep.
You also sleep when you are in your moby wrap.

And on the couch.
When you aren't asleep you are smiling! You smile all the time. Just make eye contact with you and you are smiling. You also have made good friends with the fan. You smile at the fan and even gave your first little chuckle to the fan.

And you love to talk to us. You and Daddy have great conversations.

You are a big girl. You weigh 17 pounds and you are in 9 or 12 month onesies and 12 month pants. I have packed away all of your smaller clothes and hope to have a garage sale this Summer. It is crazy not to be packing it away for another baby! (Sad face)
Your skin in just the softest thing ever and I love to rub your sweet tummy and cheeks.

Truly, God blessed us with you. He knew I needed to best baby ever because of the hectic schedule that I have with your three older sisters. You have cried one time in your car seat and that's because soccer practice went over and then we were in line at Taco Casa FOREVER and you were hungry. I can not even begin to describe how much I love you. 

Friday, November 11, 2016

Loralei Is Two Months!

We made our first trip to church this month. She napped the whole time we were in Sunday school, but woke up in big church ready to eat. It was a great first attempt though. 

We have spent more time on our play mat. She just look around and will kick her little feet to kick the hanging things.

And this is what Lydia has spent a lot of time doing! Pushing her stroller naked!!
And puzzles! Always puzzles!

This never gets old, for either of us!

And bog news is, we got her to take a pacifier!!! None of my other kids have ever taken a paci or a bottle.

Just being honest. It's either time to snuggle, or time to clean. I chose snuggling this day.

This month we started in 3 months and ended in 6-9 months. You are getting your baby fat and I love it! You also slept through the night for the first time. It felt great, but of course I woke up to make sure you were still breathing. You are just the best, most chill baby.

Thursday, October 20, 2016

Loralei is One Month!

Loralei, you are one month old! Wow, that was fast! The more kids I have the faster time flies. 

You were such a little baby when you were born. Six pound, 8 ounces and newborn clothes were so big on you! I am not going to lie, I kind of liked it. I have never had a small baby before.

Your cord fell off pretty quickly and you got your first bath. You pretty much slept through it!

You got to get all dressed up to go to Layla's kindergarten luncheon. You slept through that as well. 

Your newborn sleepers started to get too short and you started filling out.

We also had to move your flower to the bathtub. You really like bathtime. 

You also do great in your swing. This is where most of the daytime sleeping occurs. That, or in Mommy's arms. 

By the end of the first month you have outgrown all of your newborn clothes and are now in 3 months. I just thought you were going to be petite, but now I think you are going to follow in your sister's footsteps and be a big girl.

You nurse like a champ. No, we are not on a schedule, I nurse when you want to. Also, we have to many activities to have to stick to a schedule. You go with the flow so well.

You love to sleep during the day. I have to wake you up to eat. You wake up at night every two hours. There have been a few nights where it was every hour. Momma is tired! 

You do great in your car seat and don't mind being in it. You had your one week check up and we don't have to go back until two months! At one week you were already back to your birth weight.