Monday, January 26, 2015

Show Me The Love

Hi!! Thank you for stopping by and Welcome to 'Show Me The Love' hosted by BrettniLyndsey, and Amanda. I love Valentine's Day and here is is perfectly acceptable to be gaudy and over the top which is right up my alley! I mean my favorite colors and gold and turquoise, gaudy huh?! And I have three little princesses who adore being over the top extravagant as well. Well, Lydia is only 5 months, but I will teach her the ways.

I adore a Valentine's Day photo shoot. Nothing cuter than precious kiddos in bright red and pink! I called up my sweet friends and offered to do a photo shoot (who would turn down a free photo shoot?!) this weekend. Of course, they all said yes and showed up with their adorable kiddos. I present to you...Adorable Kids!!!!!

And the party really started when we broke out the boas and heart shaped glasses. These simple, inexpensive props purchased from Hobby Lobby add the perfect amount of pizzazz!

For the heart backdrop I painted a piece of plywood I had in my garage. I spray painted it pink first, then painted it white. After it was dry I used sand paper to distress is lightly so that some of the pink showed through. Then I painted the big heart. I really like it and it may end up going in my girl's playroom. 

The chalkboard sign was a cabinet door that has chalkboard paint in the middle. I painted the border cream, distressed the edges, and added the gold decorative piece at the top (also from Hobby Lobby).

I made the heart banner out of muslin fabric and painted a heart on each triangle. I used ribbon to attach them to each other.

I made both of my girls fun neckalces from beads I purchased at Hobby Lobby. Alot of those big beaded necklaces are a little expensive, especially when you have three girls and want one to match every outfit. I bought the beads and the string for under $15. 

If you are interested in a photo shoot, Valentine's related or not, you can contact me at Joyful Photography.

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Ella's 6th Birthday Party

Ella had her birthday party on Sunday at Urban Air Trampoline Park. It was a great place to have a party because by the time we left all of the kids were tired and worn out...success!!

We were missing a few for the group picture. Poor Heath was worn out and wasn't in the picture taking mood!

These are Ella's sweet little best friends at school. They are just dolls. Riley was trying hard not to smile becasue she had bet someone she wouldn't!

Silly faces!

There's Heath!! (And Layla picking her nose!)

Oh how I love this sweet girl!

 Cousins!! Raelyn made the trip from Wichita and she and Layla had a great time playing together. I love that the girls have cousins on both sides of the family close in age to play with. Raelyn is almost exactly one year younger than Ella. She is one year and 4 months older than Layla, but she is petite and Layla is tall!

Caleb was the oldest one there so all the kids had a blast chasing him around. Ella was chasing, wrestling, pulling and hugging him all day long. She lvoes her Caleb.

This years theme was Monster High. I remember several years ago seeing those dolls at the store and saying I would Never buy those. Now here I am throwing a party revolving around them!

Action shot, deep breath....

 And Blow!!!

Ella has really been wanting this American Doll. Of course Granny came to the rescue and got it for her! She has been playing with (and sleeping with) it constantly.

We had such a great day! All of the kids had a great time, Ella got to hang out with her friends and cousins, and said it was the best birthday ever. I can't believe she is 6!!

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Lydia Is Four Months!!

Lydia, you are four months old, and I am actually blogging it on time!!! I decided it was finally time to get the camera out and give you a little photo shoot. Poor third child, Ella and Layla both constantly had the camera in their faces and you just usually get the Iphone! I had to get an official photo shoot in though to document all of your glorious chunkiness! 

Sleep: You are sleeping through the night!! You go to bed at 9:30 and I have to wake you up at 7:20 to take Ella to school. You would sleep longer if you could, but alas we must get Ella to kindergarten.

You go back to sleep two hours after waking up. You have another nap before we go get sister and one or two more naps in the evening. I mean, you like to sleep, and you sleep alot. Thank you!

Eating: Still won't take a bottle! You don't really need to though and since you are my third to nurse, I pretty much can feed you anywhere. So, no big deal!

Weight: Official 4 month doctors appointment, 20 pounds.
Height: Official doctors appointment 26-1/2" Long.
Clothing Size: 12 to 18 Months. 18 fit better in the thighs!

You are just the happiest, chill, go with the flow baby! You are "talking" all the time. You love to blow spit bubbles and motor boat! Layla gets mad at you when you motor boat because you spit! Speaking of spit, you spit up a lot. I talked to your doctor about it and she said you probably have acid reflux, but becuase it is not affecting your weight, there is no need for medicine. I am okay with that, because I don't need to add one more thing to remember every day. I constantly have spit up on my shoulder though.

You love to play with your feet and are becoming more intersted in playing with little toys. You LOVE your sisters and just light up when they talk to you. You give the cutest little belly laugh that I just love.

I love you, love you, love you and could just eat you up with a spoon! You are such a blessing!

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Lydia is Three Months!

Sweet baby girl, you are three months old! Although most people think you are older because you are a big 'ol gal! You started off three months at 17 pounds and ended it at 20! You started the month barely squeezing into 6 months (only because I had some adorable outfits that I felt needed to be work more than once) and finished the month off in twelve months. You just kinda skipped over 9 months! 

This sweet outfit was your sister, Ella's. When I find out I was pregnant Mom and I went shopping and she bought Ella a cute frame that is still hanging in her room, and this adorable outfit. So, not only is it cute, but I have sweet memories of my Mom getting it for your big sister and her wearing it!

You are just all smiles and really are the happiest baby!

And you still sleep really great! Your favorite place to nap is on me! At night you go down anytime from 9:30-10:30 depending on whether I want to stay up and watch TV or not. And you sleep anywhere from 6-8 hours. You wake up, eat and go straight back to sleep though so it is not too bad.
After you wake up in the morning, which is 7:30 because we have to get Ella to school, you stay away for 2 hours and then go back to sleep for about an hour and a half. You take 2-3 other naps during the day and always sleep in the acr seat when we go get Ella from school. Poor baby #3, you really get a nap when and where you can.

You adore your sisters, and love giving them big smiles. 

You are still exclusively breast feed. You will not take a bottle or a paci. You don't really need a paci though because you rarely ever fuss. Only if you are tired or hungry, not even if you have a wet diaper.
 I cherish these snuggle times because already you are growing up so fast. You are just so sweet and cuddly!

Sweet baby I would have a million more children if they were just like you. I would absolutely freeze time if I could and keep you a baby forever! 

Calhoun Family Christmas

The weekend after Christmas we loaded up and headed to Holliday for Trey's side of the family's Christmas. This side is all girls!

They all have a blast playing with each other. Ella is 5, Raelyn is 4, Layla is 3 and Christy is 1. There are always lots of high pitched squeals and giggles.

The girls got lots of great presents and wanted to open them all immediately.

Sweet little Chrisy was all over the place. She helped me open my presents and loved tearing that paper!
Ella couldn't get the box open, so she thought it was just a box! She was pleasantly surprised to find a gift inside.

ANd becasue I seem to only take pictures of my children, here is proof that I have a husband!! =)