Monday, April 21, 2014


 The girls woke up Easter morning excited to see if the Easter bunny had left them a surprise. (Please forgive their mismatched pajamas. I went out with my girl friends Saturday night and didn't get home before bedtime so Trey got them ready for bed. Layla is actually wearing Ella's clothes. I mean, they have a drawer full of pajamas, but at least they got baths!!)

The each got bunnies, ring pops, more candy and we got a new Pinkalicious book and Cloudy with A Chance Of Meatballs 2.

We got to my sister's house every year. She lives about an hour away and lives on an acre I believe so her yard is great for hunts. Aunt Jennie got Ella this dress for her birthday and I loved it so much that I bought Layla a matching one with the intentions of using it as their Easter dress. 

It was SOOOO windy! Right after this pic Ella's hair flew all in her face. The girls were so excited to be with their cousins that I didn't get a family picture. 

After lunch it was Easter egg hunting time! 

My sister, brother and I all bought eggs, so each kid got enough eggs to fill their baskets and then some. Ella and Hunter's got so heavy that they stopped carrying them. 

Oh how I love these beautiful girls!!!!

They also bought 5 dozen confetti eggs. The kids go wild!!

It was a great day and we all went home stuffed and with tons of candy in tow. The girls fell asleep on the way home and Layla slept for another 2 hours after we got home. I call that success!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Soccer Season

Ella is now playing in her second season of soccer. She has a sweet little team and such a good coach.  Last year was the first year for most of the girls and this season we are noticing so much improvement. We won our first two games and lost the third.

She always has such a good time with her little friends. I really think that she think that this is her social hour, rather than time to play soccer. She hasn't showed much aggression so far, but each game we see improvement.

 She is doing a much better job at staying with the ball and paying attention. Now if only I could get her to go after it!

I am proud though that she is sticking with it and has fun at each game and practice. 

This little bit likes going and watching her big sister play too!

Thursday, April 3, 2014

It's A Girl!!

We had our sonogram last Wednesday to find out what baby #3 is and surprise, surprise...It's A Girl!! Trey and I stopped on our way home from the doctor and bought Ella and Layla a balloon. We told them when if we got blue it would be a boy, pink was a girl.

We walked in and handed them their balloons and Ella said "See, I told you it was going to be a girl!" and smiled really big. Layla cared more about the balloon than anything else. My Mom was watching the girls and as soon as she saw the pink she just kinda laughed, which is what Trey and I did in the doctor's office.

I am thrilled we are having another girl. Part of me wanted a boy for Trey because I knew he would love having a little buddy, but I can't help but love having another girl! Our new baby's name is Lydia Carol Calhoun. She shares her middle name with my mom.