Friday, October 30, 2009

Third Times A Charm

This last Wednesday my Sister and Sister In Law loaded up our kids and took them to the Dallas Arboretum to take pictures with the pumpkins before they were all gone. The Arboretum is a BEAUTIFUL place. We saw two brides having their pictures made. There are just acres upon acres of beautiful flowers, trees, architectural structures, ponds, water features and just beauty.

The idea was to get pictures of the three kids together. Now, please keep in mind that the children we were trying to photograph together are 3 years old, 9 months old, and eight weeks old. We tried to color coordinate them, put them in cute clothes, have them well rested, brushed their hair...but the biggest part we always seem to forget when deciding to undertake such an endeavor is that...we are not miracle workers.

Yes, for the first twenty minutes it looked like the clouds had parted, the sun was shining and God had blessed the day with two lovely children in glorious moods and ready to be photographer. I give you the evidence of this in the following pictures.

Ella is just as happy as can be. I am pretty sure this is because Caleb, her cousin, is around. Ella is just crazy about Caleb and loves to watch him play and she just gives him so many smiles and giggles and showers him with babbling and motor-boating.
Can't you see the love? She is just infatuated with him.And Caleb loves his baby Ella too. No, we did not ask Caleb to kiss Ella. He just did it! He also introduced Ella as his sister when my Sister went to the restroom. Unfortunately, you will notice that Caleb is no longer in the following pictures. His twenty minutes was up and he wasn't having any more of it. The bad part was, Jennie and Hunter were not at the Arboretum during this time, so by the time they arrived, Caleb was no longer being photographed and the grand plan of having them all together in one beautifully staged portrait was out the window.

Ella, being the ever so used to having a camera shoved in her face girl that she is, was more than willing to strike a pose with whoever wanted to be in the photo with her. And Hunter was there to step in. Unfortunately Ella, also being a 9 month old, doesn't understand the word, or even the action of being gentle. So, one of us did have to remain just out of the lenses reach and be ready to jump in to save Hunter from being pounced upon.

And of course I had to take some solo pictures of my girl. And guess what, this time she wasn't afraid of the pumpkins! She smiled, she posed, she stood, and I captured it all. Yes, I really did because I took over 200 pictures. =)

This gate was so beautiful. And of course I had to have a few pictures taken with my baby girl.

And I had to photograph her on these steps. Almost one year ago Trey and I posed on these steps for my maternity photos. Wow! What a difference a year makes.

And one of my favorite photos of Trey and I was taken on this bench almost a year ago as well. The only thing that would have made these last two pictures even better is if Trey had been there with us to be beside us. We will be taking another trip with him soon so we can do just that.


Sunday, October 25, 2009

Another Attempt at Pumpkin Pics

Saturday was such a beautiful day, so after Ella woke up from her nap we went to a nursery here in town to take her pictures with the pumpkins. They have a cute little maze set up and tons of pumpkins. You will remember from the last post that Ella was not in the mood to be photographed with the pumpkins and I blamed it on sleepiness. Well, guess what folks...

She cried as soon as I set her down!

This time her Daddy was with us though so I could take the pictures while he entertained her. He managed to get a smile out of her, but unfortunately that didn't last long.

So, I held her!
Or Trey held her. I just don't know what it yes. Yes, I hold her, a lot, but I also play with her and let her stand up. So, I have come to the conclusion that she is either afraid of pumpkins or hay, because there is always hay around too.

Although, the pumpkins did bring out one good thing. Ella has been standing on her own unsupported for about a week now, but when I stood her next to the pumpkin she took TWO STEPS!!!!! I guess she was trying to high-tail it out of there!

Then my Dad told me she was upset because I stood her next to the ugly pumpkin!

So, this is probably the best picture I got out of it. But, to me they are all gorgeous because she is in them.

Afterwards, we went shopping, walked around a carnival seeing if there were any baby things she could do, nope. Only creepy carnival workers trying to scam us out of money to win some $3 stuffed animal that they were willing to give to us for like $15. So, we left and we out to eat. I think there is another pumpkin patch out here that I am going to take her too and see what she does. Just one more excuse for me to take pictures of her and post them on here!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

27 Years Old Today!!

Today is my birthday!!! Wow! 27 years old? How can that be? I still feel like I am 18. I mean, I feel like I could show up and hang out at the sorority house with all the other 18 year olds (like I used to) and still fit right in. Then, I listen to that statement and think...yeah right, I'll just roll up with my baby on my hip and won't look out of place at all! So, I guess I do fit the role of a 27 year old and I will take it!

To celebrate this weekend Ella and I loaded up and headed to Wichita Falls to spend some time with my mom and to attend Trey's Mother's surprise birthday party. (Her birthday is the day after mine)Trey ended up not being able to go because he got a side job, so he stayed and worked.

Friday night I went out to eat with two of my best friends, Beth and Julie. We had such a good time eating and catching up and Ella just entertained all of us. Then, of course after dinner was over we had to have a photo op.

Saturday morning I went to Trey's Mom's birthday party, then my sister came in town and we loaded up the kids to take their pictures at the pumpkin patch. Ella fell asleep on the car ride over, so I knew she was exhausted. However, we got out of the car and I put her next to this cute little wagon and took a few photos. She was doing great!

She examined and stared and you could just tell she was thinking 'What are these weird little things and can I put one in my mouth without my Mom taking it away'. So, she tried, and I took it away. Hey, you never know until you try, right?

Then all of a sudden she sat down on the ground and just began to cry that 'Momma I am exhausted and I want you to pick me up' cry. I picked her up and she stopped immediately. I thought to myself, okay she was just sick of being there and just wanted to move somewhere else. So, I took her over by the hay bells and sat her down to take her picture...and here it came again.

POOR THING!!! This is the only picture I have of her without someone holding her. She was just so tired! I felt so bad. My mom stepped in and took her picture with Ella. Isn't this cute? Ella was a little distracted with all of that fun stuff to look at, so she wouldn't really look at the camera, but my Mom's eyes are open. That in itself is a miracle. Here is my sister with Caleb and me with Ella. Caleb wasn't really in to the whole pumpkin patch pictures either. Good thing we were planning on diong another session in Dallas anyways.

Me and my sweet, sweet girl!
After about 15 minutes, Ella having a couple of meltdowns, Caleb kicking and throwing pumpkins, two stressed out Mom's and one stressed out Granny we decided this trip needed to end fast. So, we headed to our favorite Mexican restaurant and ate some delicious food.

After that we headed home, Ella took a much needed nap and me and Mom watched 'The Proposal'. It was such a cute movie! Caleb was a little bored, so he decided to entertain himself by playing dress up.

Do you see those boots? Those are the same boots I had on at the pumpkin patch that go up to my knees and have 3" heels, and yes...Caleb put them on without any prompting from his Mother or me. So, of course I had to take a picture.

Sunday my mom cooked fried chicken, she makes the best fried chicken ever, and a chocolate dessert and I opened my presents. Here is what I got...

Cute yellow dress from Mom

Cute shirt from Mom, the one I got is turquoise, but you get the gist.

Fun Purple Shirt from Mom.

A pair of skinny jeans from Mom (Did you guess that?).

And my Mom, Brother & Sister-In-Law, and Sister & Brother-In-Law got me a new lense for my camera!!! YAY!!!!

I had such a great time, but by Monday I was WORN OUT and I hadn't seen Trey since Thursday night so I was ready to get home.

Trey, Ella and I went to dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. He came home from work with some beautiful flowers and a card (I already got my presents from him on Thursday before I left town because I couldn't wait, I will post pictures of those tomorrow, right now I am tired).

So, all in all it was a great 27th birthday and I got to spend it with two of my favorite people.

Also, my best friend Summer's birthday was today too. It is always fun to get to see what each other is doing and what we got. We always seem to get money and clothes, what better presents are there?? =) Happy Birthday Summer!!!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Ella is 9 Months Old!

Well, Ella and I went to the doctor on Thursday afternoon for her 9 month check up. I got her in the room, stripped her down, they measured her and weighed her and then the doctor came in to see us. Ella now weighs 23.25 pounds and is 30" long. That puts her in at the 90th percentile for weight and 95th percentile for height! We have a big girl. Just today we were shopping and a lady asked me how old she was and I told her and she said "oh, she looks so much older". I wanted to say, no she doesn't, she looks like a healthy 9 month old., maybe she does, but she is still the most beautiful baby girl I have ever seen and the lady did in fact tell me that also, so I will forgive her for her previous comment. I digress, back to the doctor...she asked me the usual questions and checked her out and said Ella looked perfect. Just what you want to hear. A healthy baby, nothing is better news. We wanted to get a flu shot, but they had just run out, so they are supposed to call us back as soon as the next shipment arrives. Maybe they will have the regular flu shot and the swine flu shot so she can get both at once (It usually never works out that easily, I think they just want to charge you an extra trip fee).

So, what is Ella up to lately you ask? Well, I will tell you (I am so generous like that!). She is pulling up on EVERYTHING and really lately doesn't seem to need something to pull up with, just something to steady her. She is also cruising along while holding on to the sofa or coffee table. She says mama, dada, baba, gaga, oogaooga and many more sounds! Have you seen the previews for that movie "Where the Wild Things Are"? Well, the other day it was on and the creature howled and Ella copied. Haha! It was too funny.

She has also discovered the toilet paper holder and most importantly how to unravel it! She can do it in no time at all, what a talent. She definitely still understands no, but is choosing to ignore it more frequently now. This strong willed Momma has a strong willed baby. Maybe not so good while they are young, but you can beat no one will ever walk all over them.

She nurses 5 times a day and eats rice cereal for breakfast, a jar of stage 2 baby fruit for lunch, an afternoon snack of little puffs which she has mastered picking up and putting in her mouth, and for dinner she has a jar of stage 2 veggies and half a jar of fruit. She also has some apple juice with her afternoon snack, still diluted with water.

One of my favorite things she does is hold her hands up in the air for me to pick her up. I know, such a small thing, but it makes me feel wanted. I love that little girl sooo much and it just feels great to know that she loves me too. She has also been resting her head on my shoulder more when I carry her and it just melts my heart.

She is a speed crawler and I think they should have that in the Olympics or something because she would have a shot! Those little chunky legs can haul it!

Her bedtime is still 10:30. We start the whole routine at 9:30 with her bath, lotion her, dress her, comb her hair, read to her and play a few betime games, nurse, and she is usually asleep in her crib by 10:30. She naps from 12-1:15 and again in the evening from 5-7:30.

She is my little puppy dog and follows me all around the house right at my heels and if I stop, this is what I see when I look down. Yep, those are my feet and my baby girl is trying to crawl up my legs to get me to hold her. And ya know what, I tote her around A LOT because I can. I figure I should do it now before she gets to where she doesn't want me to hold her all the time. But, if I have anything to do with it, she won't ever be that way. I can dream can't I?

P.S. Aren't her pajamas so cute! The are so bright and colorful.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

My Birthday Month = New Stuff For ME

So, I know my next post was supposed to be about Ella and her doctor's appointment today, but honestly I am too lazy to upload photos and photoshop them and I can't write a post about her without tons of her pictures splattered throughout the post, so instead I bring you things I have bought for myself in the last two days.

Since October is my birthday month I feel as if I should be allowed to buy myself a few extra things this month. So, that's exactly what I did. Yesterday my sister-in-law Jennie & her baby Hunter came over so we went to buy her the stuff to make a wreath like mine. Well, we went to the first store and they didn't have what we needed so we had to drive clear across town to go to the different one. Uhh! I hate it when that happens. Anyways, we got her the stuff and got her wreath made and I picked up these two sconces for myself. (they look small, but the painting and the sconces are large)
My mom bought this oil painting for me when we were in Venice, Italy and I love it. I love it because it is beautiful and has so much texture to it when you look closely and it will always remind me of the fun we had together when she came and visited me. It is hanging in our hallway and I have wanted something to hang on either side of it for a while, I just couldn't find the right thing. Well, I love these iron sconces and now I can go on to making up other things that I just HAVE to have!

For example, I just HAD to have more stuff to put on the walls in our dining room. But, again, I just didn't know what I wanted to do. That is until I saw these two brackets and HAD to have them. Well, if you buy the brackets, you also have to buy the urns to go on top of them, but don't worry...I already had the plates. So, here they are. Hung on either side of the window and I love them.

And since I am sprucing up the dining room, I have also decided I HAVE to have the dining room chairs reupholstered. I believe that will be my next project. Unfortunately my favorite fabric store, Childress Fabrics, for those of you who live in Dallas, is located on the Tollway and Midway which is a good ways from my house. They have high end fabrics and I can still use my designer discount, which is nice. I also may pick up some fabric for a custom cornice and drapes I want to do in my breakfast room, that is another project on the list.
It is amazing how many projects I have running through my head, but when I stare at the same walls everyday my wheels get to turning. And I love, I mean LOVE, to purchase new accessories, change furniture layouts, come up with projects for Trey to do around the house (let me tell you, he LOVES doing them for me too! -please note the sarcasm-) So, if you are in need of new projects, just call me to come over. I love to give other people new projects to do too!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Another Weekend Out Of Town

Thursday night I got a call from my brother telling us he was going to go to Wichita to do a little hunting and as soon as Trey heard he decided we were going to go too. So, Trey took off a little early on Friday afternoon and we headed to see my Mom. The boys weren't there for too long before they headed out to go hunting, so the girls and Hunter hung out at the house.
Ella is standing up and walking holding on to the furniture, so Trey and I got her this cute little lion. I figured it would help her be more mobile and not have to always be next to the furniture to stand up or walk. She loved it! I am pretty sure Joanna's daughter has this little lion and loves it too.
However her favorite toy is my Mom's Pomeranian, Greta. Greta used to be my puppy and lived with me in Lubbock when I went to Tech, but my mom took a liking to her when I was home one Summer and Greta became my Mom's dog. I think Ella just wanted to get a big handful of fluffy fur and pull because it looked sooo tempting. I also think that when our sweet baby girl can talk we are going to be hearing those little words that I really do dread hearing "Can I have a puppy?" And I dread hearing them because I know I will ive in to her desires and get her one and it will become my dog that I have to clean up after. (Just like I did to my parents several times even though at the time I SWORE I would take care of it) Now, don't get me wrong...I like dogs. I just think they are a lot of responsibility and really it is like having another kid, but I would rather have another kid. I wouldn't get upset if Ella peed in the floor, but I would at a dog!

Another thing Ella wanted to get a hold of...Hunter! Unfortunately I have seen the way she handles her baby doll, so until she quits banging her babies head against the floor, she is getting any where near Hunter. I don't think my Mom would have wanted to share Hunter anyways. She was holding him every chance she got and I mean, can you blame her?? Doesn't he look like he is puckering up for a kiss? Haha! And see that Texas Tech burp cloth on my Mom's shoulder. She made that for one of Jennie's baby showers, along with about 12 others. Isn't it cute?

Jennie, Mom, and I went shopping Saturday morning and bought Hunter and Ella some new clothes and Ella got the cutest little coat that I am pretty sure she will be modeling for Christmas pictures this year. I can't wait!!

On Sunday before we headed out Mom and I made a quick trip to the store to pick up some stuff to make her a wreath. I sent her the picture of the one I made for our house and she wanted one. I did make it a little different since I went to a different store to buy the stuff, but this one is more my Mom's style.

Isn't it cute? I LOVE FALL!!!! Tomorrow my sister in law Jennie is coming over and we are going to make her one too. Plus, I need to buy some more decorations for my house so I am looking forward to the shopping adventure. Hopefully I will find some cute stuff.

By the way, guess who turned 9 months old today????? Yep, you guessed it, Ella! Wow! We are going to the doctor on Thursday for a well baby visit and I will post her height (tall) weight (heavy) and any other stuff we find out. And yes, there will be a long post about where the time has gone...of course! =)