Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Halloween was so much fun with my two little ones this year. It started off a little rocky because it didn't look like Trey was going to get off work in time to help me take them trick or treating, but I went ahead and got both girls ready, took their pictures, and we had gone to about 15 houses when Trey met up with us. It was just in time too because Layla was over being in the stroller and wanted to be held.

This was the first year Ella was really into it. She saw the  other bigger kids running up to the doors so she started running with them. We always have a ton of people in our neighborhood. Trey told me the entrance was lined with cars!

Ella loves Tinkerbell so it was perfect and Layla looked precious as a flower. I did have a few people call her a boy though, really?! I mean I would NEVER dress a boy up as a flower.

Ella started getting into her candy when we were half way done. As soon as we got home she was opening up as much as she could and the first thing she said when I got her up this morning was "candy?". And yes, I did let her have a piece for breakfast!

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