Tuesday, March 3, 2015

So, This Happened...

So the other day after our friends left our house Layla came downstairs and told me she wanted her ears pierced. She has never asked before and I thought it was kinda strange. Well then she told me Katie, her friend who had been over, had hers pierced and Ella too, so she wanted to. I said no, texted my Mom, who said No, then captured this. 

Two days later Ella had an appointment to get her hair cut. They also do ear piercing here, but Layla hadn't even mentioned it. So, after Ella is done Layla says "I get my ears pierced now." Oh man I thought she forgot!!! So I try and bribe her with a snow cone, cookies, toys, you name it, I tried it!

Then, she went over and SAT IN THE CHAIR!! She picked out earrings while I am telling her it is going to hurt, you will cry, don't do it, lets leave! She says "I get my ears pierced!". 

 And so she did!

 She sat as still as could be, I didn't even have to say anything.

As soon as she was done she stood up, showed them to me and said she was a princess!!

And she got a lollipop!

This girl never ceases to amaze me. I didn't want her to get them pierced because I thought she would mess with them and they would get infected, or that she would flinch when they were doing it and end up with a hole who knows where! She is fiercely independent, yet adorably cuddly, stubborn as all get out, but a world class charmer! And now she has her ears pierced!!


Lyndsey said...

She looks beautiful! You totally got me though - when I saw the title and the first picture with her hair pulled back, I thought she had gotten a super short haircut! Like maybe she'd cut it HERSELF! The earrings were a sigh of relief, ha!

Amanda said...

I LOVE my Middle Child friend! We are kindred spirits! She is so beautiful inside and out! The earrings look great! She's brave - I got my ears pierced at 21 :)

Unknown said...

She is soo sweet! Love the earrings she picked.

Brooklyn may never get hers done.. She is adamant she doesn't want someone to according to her "stab my head" haha

Josh and Shan said...

This is hilarious! She knew what she wanted! I thought she cut her hair too!

Brettni Brumfield said...

Ahhh!!!!! I'm so late seeing this! I would've complimented her new pretty earrings!!

What does Granny think?