Friday, November 11, 2016

Loralei Is Two Months!

We made our first trip to church this month. She napped the whole time we were in Sunday school, but woke up in big church ready to eat. It was a great first attempt though. 

We have spent more time on our play mat. She just look around and will kick her little feet to kick the hanging things.

And this is what Lydia has spent a lot of time doing! Pushing her stroller naked!!
And puzzles! Always puzzles!

This never gets old, for either of us!

And bog news is, we got her to take a pacifier!!! None of my other kids have ever taken a paci or a bottle.

Just being honest. It's either time to snuggle, or time to clean. I chose snuggling this day.

This month we started in 3 months and ended in 6-9 months. You are getting your baby fat and I love it! You also slept through the night for the first time. It felt great, but of course I woke up to make sure you were still breathing. You are just the best, most chill baby.

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