Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back In The Swing Of Things

Ella and I are finally feeling better. She is back to running, playing, dumping out her buckets of toys and I am back to chasing, playing and picking up the toys. Mr. Hunter has even decided to show up this week after a two week hiatus when he had a yucky ear infection and pneumonia. So, we are back in the swing of things.

We had a good day yesterday of playing and napping. I love to go walking everyday, but my goodness it is getting so hot already!!! I pick up Hunter EARLY in the morning and then we come home and usually he stays awake for about 30 minutes before he goes back to sleep. Ella, my late riser, goes straight back to bed. Yesterday I thought I might see if she would stay awake a little bit, but she walked in to her room and stood by her crib. I came in and asked if she wanted to go to sleep and she nodded yes. Haha! She is sooooo my baby!!!

After they woke up we did go on a short mile and a half walk, but I had to call it quits because I didn't want the babies to get hot. We came home and Ella proceeded to dump all of her toys out of the basket in the living room. Hunter loved it and just crawled around playing with each toy for about 3 minutes.

My girls favorite thing to do is read. She will flip all the pages, point to each word, and babble on and on like she is reading. She likes this book because it is so big. I dare say she likes books now more than babies. Ha! I thought this shot was hysterical!!! Poor baby has been having a lot of snot and she likes to stick her finger up her nose. And Hunter's favorite thing to do is chew on this. Now, he will chew on just about anything, but he really loves to chew on this. Ella took it away from him once and you would have thought he was being tortured the way this boy started to scream. I gave it back to him and all was right in the world again! I am guessing that he is going to have some teeth come in soon the way he went to work on it. These kids keep me on my toes and there is never a dull moment. I have slowly watched Ella be more and more of a mommy to Hunter though and it is just precious. I think it will be so cute in about three months when Hunter is walking and these two can really get to some serious playing!!


Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Aww! I'm so glad y'all are doing better now. Such cute pics! My kids all love reading so much too. :) Hunter looks bigger already. And those ponytails on little Miss Ella are making me want some hair on A's head! ha!


alicia said...

Glad you are all feeling better. Never fun to be down and out and STILL the mommy. Great pics too.