Tuesday, May 11, 2010

My 2nd Mother's Day

Saturday I went and ran a bunch of errands and Trey worked, so when he was done working he called to see where I was. We chatted and then I casually said "Don't forget tomorrow is Mother's Day & you need to get me something." Okay, maybe that isn't so casual! Last year his Mom and my Mom both called to remind him. Well, neither of them did this year and if I wouldn't have I wouldn't have even gotten a card. He has been working a lot and he does not have the best memory, but he left and went and bought me something before I got home.

He pulled through because Sunday morning I found my present. A big beautiful pot with hydrangeas and some purple leafy plant. (I am a true gardener, can't you tell by the description!) And it matches our front door!
It was a very special day because our nephew, Hunter, was being dedicated to the Lord at his church. Kyle and Jennie were so proud as they should be. We dedicated Ella last year on Mother's Day so it brought back a lot of memories.

After church we headed over to Kyle and Jennie's house for some yummy Mexican food and to open presents. Of course, the grandparents took every opportunity to play with the kiddos. Three generations of girls. I love my Mom so much! She is an amazing woman and an even better Mom. Everything I have learned about being a Mom has come from her and the awesome role model she has been. I am a little bummed about our families picture. It didn't turn out so well and I didn't get a long shot to show yall what a CUTE dress I had on. I will have to wear it again soon. And of course, we all matched, but you can't really tell from the pic. Bummed!!!Granny and Papa love these kids! Every time I saw Mom she had one, or both, of them with her.
And even though Hunter had an ear infection he was happy and so giggly! Dad was really getting him going by blowing on his tummy. It was so precious!
Jennie's Dad owns a bakery and made this cake for Hunter. Okay, let me tell you I do not like strawberries and do not like strawberry cake. Yuck! When I saw them cute into this cake, which I was so excited about, and saw it was strawberry I got really sad. That is until I tasted it!!! OH MY GOODNESS!!! It was delicious. I have had one other cake her Dad made and it was really good too. Oh! I wish I had more.

He also made these chocolate covered Oreos. Good thing he is not my Dad or I would have him bake me a cake every week and I would get really fat. We had a great time visiting & eating. I am so sad I didn't take a picture of my Mom opening her presents. We got her a 'brag book' for pictures of Ella. For those of you who don't know what that is it looks like a wallet (very skinny) and is an accordion style picture holder that holds up to 16 4x6 photos. She had gone to a party on Saturday and someone asked to see pics of Ella, but she didn't have any...Now she does!! We also got her a very cute metal frame with crosses on it with a picture of her three grand babies.

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Kimberly said...

beautiful pictures! I would have loved to seen your dress! Hunter and your daughter really look alike!