Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last Wednesday we had our first MOPS playdate of the year. I love MOPS and I am so glad that it is time for it to start up again. I love the friendships I have made and look forward to making more this year. Two of my favorite people are in my group again this year, which I am so thankful for. Our kiddos already know each other and are already used to playing together too.

Our playdate was at Melody's house and the kids WRECKED it! Poor Jalie's room had toys scattered everywhere! My sweet little thing LOVED Melody's house because she has so many dolls and strollers. Give Ella a baby and she is happy. Give her two and she is in Heaven!

This is Jalie climbing on her new neat bed. Ella got to climb up on it once everyone else had left and she did not want to get down. My girl can throw some serious fits too!

I love the loft bed she has and this little table and chairs under the bed. More room to play!

I was finally able to get a picture of sweet Aliyah. She was too busy making a pretend pizza with her brothers. And yes, there were four other boys there that I didn't get a picture of because they were just way to busy.

I also love it because afterwards Ella is worn out and takes the best naps!

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Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Adorable pictures, Joy! That day was fun but insane- ha. I love that we got to be in the same group again, too. :)