Friday, October 29, 2010

My Birthday At The Arboretum

First off, does anyone even read my blog anymore? =) I used to be good about keeping up, but that faded and I tried to hold on, but life has just been crazy around here. My photography business is doing great, but that means when I am on the computer I am editing photos and blogging on my photography blog. November is a very busy month for me. I am booked every weekend for a photo shoot, except for the weekend after Thanksgiving. That will be spent in Wichita with our families and trying to relax a little.

Back to my birthday...I met up with my friend Melody at the Arboretum. Fall at the arboretum is just the most beautiful time and there are pumpkins everywhere!! The colors are rich and beautiful and the weather was perfect. Our Mops group planned to attend, but several of their kiddos were sick, so it was just me and Melody. I did not care at all because Melody is one of my favorite people and we always have a good time. Ella is also crazy about Melody and her daughter Jalie, who is almost 5. This is Ella giving Melody a big smile when we first arrived.

We walked around and just kind of let the girls run wild. Ella loved it, except when I would try and reel her back in. Miss independent!
Don't let that sweet face fool you. See that finger? It is about to point right and me and tell me "No Mama!".
Both of the girls were just mesmerized by the water. I just love this picture of Ella because every since she was little I have taken pictures of her backside. It is usually to get pictures of all her rolls. There aren't any rolls though anymore. My girl has thinned out.

So sweet! Jalie is a little mama and was so protective of Ella. She is going to be a great big sister come January.

Such a little cutie!

We walked around for several hours and then had a little picnic. Ella ate and then started chasing birds. It was hysterical. She would say "budda budda budda BIRD!" and then take off. She never understood why they wouldn't just stay still. While Ella was chasing the birds, mama Jalie was chasing Ella. These two are a mess!

Ella also made friends with another little 18 month old girl while we were eating and then proceeded to sit in the girls stroller while Jalie pushed her around. She also ate most of the girls snacks, but the little girl and her parents were so nice. Ella has just never met a stranger! I love that she is so outgoing. 

After 4 hours we headed home and Ella passed out in the car. She had just run herself ragged. We went home and napped and waited for Trey to get home. That night we went and ate at Glorias. It was delicious and Ella got to eat all the bean dip she wanted, which is a lot. My birthdays used to be about dressing up and going to a nice restaurant and staying out late, but this one was by far one of my favorites in a while. I got to spend it with a great friend, my sweet girl and my wonderful husband. I am so blessed!

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