Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pumpkin Patch

This weekend my Mom came in town for my birthday, which was the 20th, so my sister came over and we took the kids to the pumpkin patch in town. We hadn't ever been to this one, but it was cute and they had hay rides, animals to feed, a little train and pumpkins. The kids really had fun and ran all over the place and wore us out.
Ella and Layla's Grandma (Trey's Mom) got them these precious outfits last time they were in town.
They went on the little train, which went so slow for our little ones. Ella kept blowing kisses, waiving and yelling "watch out!". I guess she thought they needed her help directing things.

Granny and Ella fed the goats, sheep and cows. I was surprised that Ella would stick her hand out, but she did great.

This sign was so cute!

Of course we couldn't get all the kid to stick their heads through this at once, but oh well!

It was pretty hot outside so by the time we left we were all sweating. Ella's eyes were getting more and more red and then started getting yucky stuff in them so we had to call the doctor and get medicine for pink eye! Yuck! Poor thing....her eyes got so red, and she DID NOT like having eye drops put in but she is getting better. Never a dull moment! 

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