Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ella's Third Birthday

Get ready for a lot of pictures!!
On Friday, January 6th my sweet baby girl turned three years old! We had her birthday party on Saturday at our house with our families. Ella decided it was present time a little early, so that is where the pictures begin. Her cousins were eyeing them, so she decided to go ahead and open them!

Ella has the best Grandparents, Aunts, Uncles and cousins who got her some great presents!

My Mom and Ella always watch the Princess and the Frog together at my parent's house. My Dad will even sit and watch it with her because he knows that is cuddle time. She got the movie for Christmas and Ella kept telling me she wanted the green dress from the movie and a "Tinani" doll. Yes, her name is "Tiana", but Ella says it Tinani and it is so funny, so I only recently corrected her.

The night before her birthday Ella said "Mom, I want a Tinani doll and dress and I know my Granny will get it for me." So sweet!! Little did she know my Mom had already gotten her. She was so excited when she saw it.
Her Aunt Jennie and Uncle Moo (otherwise known as my brother, Kyle) got her a Bitty Baby. She has been sleeping every night with her baby and Tinani.

She loves her babies!

Already wearing her dress! She loves to play dress up right now. She is also obsessed with Princesses. 

What was Layla doing while all of this was going on, you ask? Well, she was being passed around the room and playing with balloons.

My sweet, sweet friend Melody came to the party. I love this girl like she is my sister and Ella was very excited she was there.

My sister was out of town, so she couldn't make it. She always wears necklaces that Layla loves to chew on, but since Corey wasn't there Layla had a good time chewing on Lindsey's. I am so glad someone thought to wear a necklace for her! 

While Lindsey was busy fending off my child her little one Raelyn was running around and playing hard!

Layla, still chewing on balloons, with her Grandma.

Finally, all the presents were opened and it was cake time! I LOVE her cake. I found a picture and gave it to a girl named Melody, who is the sister-in-law of one of my friends, Amanda. Melody is amazing! I have gotten three cakes from her and they have each been EXACTLY what I wanted and looked EXACTLY like the picture. That has never happened for me before. You can see her blog here.

It is always so hard for me to cut them when they are so cute though!

As soon as we finished singing Ella went straight for the crown.

And Hunter went straight for the bow and shoved the entire thing in his mouth!

We all ate our delicious cake and then it was play time! My Dad made the mistake of asking a wound-up, sugar-high, crazy three year old to run and give him a kiss. This is what happened!! Ella's aim was a little off!

But, she got it right!

The babies went down for a nap and the big kids went outside and had fun letting all of the balloons go. It started out as one or two, then we just decided to let them do all of the balloons. I think there were about 40?! 

It was such a great birthday party. Ella had a blast and took a great nap after everyone left! We go to the doctor Friday for her three year old check up, so I will have all of her stats then. 


Kimberly said...

Looks like a fun party! She is sooo pretty (your daughter)

Lyndsey said...

Her cake is amazing! I would hate to cut into it too!

Where did you find polka dot balloons? I want to get some for Liam's birthday.