Monday, March 12, 2012

Ella's First Haircut

I haven't ever had Ella's hair cut because I want it to be long and her hair grew in pretty even, so it didn't really need to be cut. Well, it was getting looong and it was also starting to get a little scraggly on the ends. Then two days ago she said "My hair is too long! I need to have it cut!". So, that sealed the deal.  Here are her before pictures.

And the back...
I have been talking up getting a haircut so she wouldn't be that screaming kid in the salon! We went to Target and got her a baby doll and she practiced "cutting" her baby's hair. She got super excited and was ready to get it done!

We went to a cute little salon that cuts little girl's hair and she did great.

Here is how much she is getting cut off. It was harder on me than her!



Doesn't she look thrilled?! Haha! She didn't really say anything she just was kinda leery about what was going on.

She got a blow dry. She wasn't too fond of it, but she sat still and didn't make a sound. She doesn't really like it when I dry her hair either. Usually I just let it air dry unless it is too cold.
Then they sprayed glitter in her hair, did a cute little twist in the front and painted purple glittery stars on her cheeks.

The final result!

Pretty darn cute!!!
And no more scraggly ends. It is still long, but now it will be even. It looks healthier too.

They gave her a star lollipop and she was a happy girl. I am glad I waited this long so that is was a pleasant experience! 

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Lyndsey said...

She is just so cute! And she looks very proud of her new hair!