Saturday, March 17, 2012

Spring Break

We had a great Spring break. Ella didn't have school (she goes Tuesdays and Thursdays) so we stayed home and relaxed. My Mom is a teacher so she was off all week and came and spent Wednesday-Friday with us. I got my hair done on Wednesday, we did some shopping, went out to eat and played with the girls. We wore sweet Layla out!

Thursday we took my car to the dealership because one on the locks wasn't cooperating, did some more shopping, went out to eat again & again, and my sister and nephew came over to play.

Ella loves her Caleb! These two act more like brother and sister and just bicker and pester each other to death, then they will love on each other and play and have fun, then back to bickering.

Layla could swing all day! She loves being outside and is just so comfy in her swing.

Ella loves to read, so whenever my Mom comes she brings 4 or 5 new books. We read to Ella every night before bed, but when Granny is here Ella wants her to read. On Thursday night Layla crawled into Ella's room and my Mom put her in bed with them and they all read. I of course had to run and get my camera. 

Those girls love their Granny. When she is not here Ella is a complete Momma's girl, but when Granny is around she becomes Granny's girl.

We had a playdate Friday, so my Mom left. Ella was pretty bummed when we got back to the house and realized Granny wasn't there anymore. A little swinging outside and playing with her sister made it better though. These two are just sooooo sweet! 

I love Layla's sweet smile! We had a great time. Trey worked long hours this week so I am glad my Mom was here.

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Kimberly said...

Looks like a fun visit with your Mom.

Have a good weekend.