Wednesday, June 27, 2012

BIG Changes!

Trey and I have known for a while that we wanted to move, but it is such a big decision! We pray about it, talked about it, and finally we did it...we put our house up for sale! I LOVE our house. I LOVE our neighborhood. We have lived here for four years. We have brought two precious baby girls home to this house. This has been the perfect house for us these past four years. However, we want to be in a different school district and we thought it would be nice to have a playroom for the girls so we are not completely overwhelmed by the toys. 

Sooo, here is our house! I took these pictures off of our realtor's website. It has been for sale for two weeks, we have had 11 or 12 showings and one offer (which we did not accept). 

Our living room looking into our kitchen. 

Living Room.

Breakfast Area.


Dining Room. 

Master bedroom. 

Master Bathroom. 

Ella's Room.

Layla's Room. 

Guest Bedroom. 


It has not been fun having our house on the market with two small kids. Yes, one time someone just showed up and I was so caught off guard I let them in only to realize Ella had gone pee pee in her bathroom and had not flushed! I was SO embarrassed! Yesterday I had one hour to get the girls dressed, fed, vacuum, wipe down the tables, do the dishes and make two beds. When I left I was covered in sweat! I pray it is not on the market long because my sweet husband might kill me because I obsess over the tiniest of messes. We have gotten some great feedback and have two couples very interested so I pray it sells soon.

We are building a new home and it won't be ready until October, so that will be a whole new adventure of probably living in an apartment until it is finished!

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