Thursday, June 7, 2012

Last Day of School

Ella started weekday school at First Baptist Church in September of 2011. Her last day of school was in May. This was the morning of her first day. She was my baby, she was always with me every minute of every day. It was a sad day for me, but I knew she would enjoy it. I had all of the worries, what if she won't nap, what if she won't eat her lunch, what if she hates it.

She was 2 years old and looking at her carrying her backpack and lunch box that weighed her down was almost comical.

Eight months later her backpack isn't near as big on her. I have no more worries because she has loved school and has made some great friends. Her teachers were wonderful and it has been such a sweet experience for her and me. 

Her sweet curls are almost gone now and she looks so much older! She is just the sweetest, most thoughtful little girl. 

She would tell me everyday about her boyfriend, Jagger, and always told me she played with the boys. Oh no, we are in trouble!!! I love to hear her sing the sweet songs she learns and have enjoyed listening to the new things she learns. I am just so thankful that she goes to school where we also go to church and sees a lot of the same kids and teachers over and over again. 

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