Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Our New Home

We moved into our new home November 30. We were supposed to be in October 20. I will never move that close to Christmas again! I am an OCD decorator, so I couldn't stop until I had all my Christmas up and my house looking cute to host Christmas for my family. However, I LOVE our home so it was worth the wait and the headache.
We built our house and I love how everything turned out.

This is our dining room. I have a to-do list for some of the rooms. In here I am going to reupholster the chairs and paint the piano. It probably won't happen until this Summer, but IT WILL happen! =)

I love having so much cabinet and counter space. No, I never have anything out on my cabinets. I do not like clutter and neither does my hubby.

Our breakfast room is much larger than our old house so we got a new table. I am happy to say that we have eaten 99% of all of our meals at the table. The location lends itself to family dinners.

We have very tall ceilings in our living room and foyer. Ella had to be in at least one picture! That is her playroom and she and Layla play up there so much.

Very large fireplace, which I LOVE!

This is our living room. My sweet hubby let me get a new sofa and loveseat in here. I just need to get a new chair (this one matches our old couch which is now in the playroom).

Our master bedroom. We got new bedding and i reupholstered the headboard. I do need new curtains in here. There is so much sunlight in here in the mornings and I do not wake up early!

I love the dresser and nighstands in here. I bought all three pieces for so cheap on Craigslist and painted them. I used Annie Sloane chalk paint and it took forever. First you paintm then clear wax, the dark was, then clear wax again!!!! It took so long, but it is so worth it!

Our master bath still needs handtowels, decorative towels, and more stuff on the walls.

This is the girls playroom upstairs. I need to get more toy storage. I want to do cubbies under the TV so that the cable and DVD player aren't sitting on top onf the Barbie dreamhouse!

I needed artwork in here so I painted this canvas. I am going to take the girls pictures in the Spring and put lots of un colorful pics up.

This is Ella's room. It is all the same stuff as our old house, her room is just bigger. Oh, and it is not hot pink with polkadots.

This is Ella's bathroom.

It is so girlie and pink and she loves it!

Layla's room is the same stuff again, but a bigger room.

This is the guest bathroom upstairs.

Our poor guest room is sad and dull, so until it is pretty and happy I am not going to post pics. Hope you enjoyed seeing some pics.


Lyndsey said...

It looks gorgeous Joy!! I can't wait for you to host tons of playdates! :)

Amanda said...

It is beautiful!!!

@Dayngr said...

Love it! I moved too (over the summer) and I am STILL working on getting the house the way I want it. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

Your new home is beautiful! I love your kids’ room and the bathroom the most. I like that even though your house has a brick exterior, it looks so modern inside! I love your choice of furnishing and decors too. Enjoy your new happy home!

Sara Owens

Unknown said...

Your new house looks amazing! I love the girls’ room! It’s so colorful, and well, girly. Haha! It seems like you’re good at home decorating too. I like the mix and match of pieces that you did. Anyway, I hope that you have a house insurance plan for your new place. It would be helpful especially when disaster strikes. (but I hope nothing bad will happen).

Fe Penley

Unknown said...

Your new house is huge! I love how you decorated each room. Everything looks really nice. I’m sure that your girls and your husband love it as well. I wish your family happiness and safety in your new home.

Kristopher Washington