Thursday, January 10, 2013

Christmas Morning

My parents came down the day before Christmas because we were supposed to be getting snow, sleet and rain the next day so they got to be here that night and morning to help us open presents. The girls got their matching pajamas on and off to bed they went. 

Then we headed down stairs to set up Santa's presents. Trey also had to help Dad put together their present for Ella.

They woke up the next morning, so I sent Trey upstairs so I could take pictures. Ella woke up, but we had to wake Layla up. One thing you need to know about my girls, they DO NOT enjoy being woken up!

Ella headed straight for the toys. 

She is current;y obsessed with Barbies and mermaid, so when I found this I knew she would love it.

Layla could care less. She headed straight for Granny's lap for some snuggling.
 While Ella continued to open her stocking.

 Layla finally got into it when she saw what her sister was doing. Then she discovered her love for tearing paper.

She also loves candy, so when she spotted that she was happy!

I loved that both girls were excited and tore through their presents. Then we had to clean up and prepare for the rest of the Jones crew heading over for lunch. 

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