Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Ella's Room Makeover

Ella has had the same bedding and bedroom decor since she was two. I LOVED it so much, but I felt like she needed a room that was a little more grown up. Also, for those of you that know me, know that I love change (in a design setting) and I love redoing rooms! It is my crack! Sooooo, Ella got all new stuff! 

Recap, here is her old room.

I had actually changed the bed by scooting it against the wall and moved the wall hangings accordingly. So, it had already had a mini makeover. 

But, here is her new room. 

We moved the queen size bed from the guest room (new baby's room) to Ella's room. She got new bedding, a new headboard, and nightstand.

I really wanted an upholstered headboard and I had made ours in our master bedroom, so I knew it wasn't hard. However, I wanted Ella's to have a design (ours is just straight across, but has nailhead trim). I borrowed my sweet friend Lyndsey's jig saw. Thanks Lyndsey!!!! I couldn't wait for Trey to get home to do it, so I drew it out and cut it myself. Then cut the foam, added the batting and was thinking to myself "Ha, this is way easier to upholster than I though. This isn't hard at all!". Then it was time to put the fabric on. After ten minuted I called my Mom and told her I was about to throw it all away. Wrapping the curves was easy, but the corners just about did me in! I finally got it, had Trey hang it up, which he was dying to do (sarcasm - he HATES my projects) and LOVED it!

Now here is my other secret for redoing a room. I change stuff all the imte, but when I am done with it I don't throw it away, I save it because I never know when I may want to use it again. The lamp on her nightstand was in our guest bedroom at our old house. I was over it, but it was $75 so I wasn't going to get rid of it. I went through my stash closet, saw it and know it would be perfect. All I had to do was spray pain the shade! I also spray painted the shelves, pictures frames and candles. Yes, you can spray paint candles as long as you aren't planning on ever burning them! 

I spray painted these scones and candles also. 

 Sprau painted the curtain rod, and these are the old curtains from our master bedroom. They are WAY too long, so I will either (eventually) hem them or I will buy fabric to match the headboard and make my own. I am leaning towards #2.

The pictures frames were black and this collage was in our living room in the old house. See, keep your stuff! I painted them pink and will eventually replace some of  the pictures with ones of Ella and her buddies. 

I LOVE it! It is bright and colorful and Ella loves it which makes it even more worth it! 


Brettni Brumfield said...

It turned out GREAT! I never thought of spray painting candles. I'm stealing that idea for sure.

Amanda said...

It looks so good!

Lyndsey said...

I looooove how the headboard turned out! I can only imagine how FUN it was getting that fabric wrapped perfectly, haha! Totally worth it though!