Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Ella's Fifth Birthday!!

Ella turned 5 in January! I still can't believe it! I asked her where she wanted to have her birthday party and she picked Build A Bear. She is obsessed with Build A Bear for some reason and always asks to go there. She has 10 or so I believe! We had it on a weekday since most of her friends moms are SAHMs. 

 Granny made the trip down. Ella was very specific in who she wanted to be at her party.

 I told her we could invite her whole class, or anyone she wanted. She wanted Granny, Papa, her sister, Brookly, Katie, Jalie (who is in school so she couldn't come), Wyatt, Parker and Peyton. Well, Wyatt now lives in Mississippi and Parker and Peyton got sick that morning so we ended up with a smaller crowd and since it was last minute I couldn't invite anyone else. Ella didn't mind at all and was thrilled with her small group. She is more like her Daddy than her Mommy!

After Build A Bear we headed over to the cookie store to eat her cookie cake and open presents. 

We had her family birthday the weekend after and all her cousins came. 

This year we did a pinata. She was very excited about it! All of the kids got to hit it 4 or 5 times and then Trey had to break it open.

We have yet to have her 5 year well appointment! I know, I am a bad mom! She is smart andhealthy though so I don't need a doctor to tell me that! 


Amanda said...

She's so beautiful too! Can't believe she will start Kindergarten this year! Time flies!

Brettni Brumfield said...

Awe, she asked for Wyatt (insert sad face). It looks like it was a fun time! Happy 5th, Ella! We miss you!!

And I love the part where you said she didn't mind the small group and was like her Daddy. Brad and I are opposite like that too! :)