Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Lydia is 7 Months!

Oh my goodness! Where is time going? I can't believe that as I write this you are seven months old, but tomorrow you will be 8 months old! I can't stop thinking about how close that is to 1 year old!! UHHHH!!!!

Well I scheduled your 6 month appointment a few days after your turned 7 months. 

Speech: You say Dada, Mama, and other sorts of things. I swear when your Granny said Hi the other day to you you said Hi back! =) Your sweet little Mama's melt my heart!

Weight: 23.9 Pounds
Length: 28" Long
Clothes: 18-24 Months

Sleep: You eat at 8:00 p.m., fallas leep on me so I can watch whatever TV show I wasnt to watch with your Dad, then I wake you up at 10, feed you again and you fall back to sleep. YOu still sleep in our room. It's just that your room is upstairs so I don't want you that far away...and you sleep great. I wake you up at 7:30 when we have to leave to take sister to school.

Eating: Still breastfeeding like a champ! =) We introduced food this month. We started with squash and I don't think you are a fan. We then tried apples, that went ok, and then bananas, which you seemed to hate. I bought pears last week and you tolerated them. Then Granny came to town and we went to eat at On The Border and I fed you avacado, which you inhaled! You also tried mashed potatoes and you ate those pretty good too.

Stranger Danger has started this month. You are terrified of Uncle John and he makes you cry almost immediately after seeing him. He doesn't even have to touch you, just eye contact! You also don't like the church nursery anymore, which is soooo hard. Momma wants to go to church, but I am not about to leave you in the nursery if you are crying. They have to BEST workers, but you are having none of it! Uhh!! I need you to grown out of that one soon. 

Other than stranger danger, you are just the happiest baby. You are full of sweet smiles and oh so loveable!

You roll all over tha place, you sit up great, but you are showing no interest in crawling. It's probably because I hold you ALL the time. Your Dad told me yesterday I am going to have to start putting you down so you will learn! I just don't want you to grow up!

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Andrea C. said...

So cute! That second to last picture is PRECIOUS!