Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Lydia is 8 Months Old!

Lydia you are 8 months old!! This month you moved to your own room and started sleeping in your crib! You just got too big to sleep in your pack and play and the middle part  started to droop down! You have always slept on your back and stayed still all night. You started wanting to roll over and sleep on your tummy and couldn't do this in your pack and play. You made the transition without any problems! I was a little sad and slept in your room the first two nights. I think you love that you have more space. You sleep from 9 until whenever I have to wake you up. I am looking forward to Summer so I dont have to wake you up!

You got your two bottom teeth! I knew something was up when you started waking up every two hours one night! One finally poked through and the other one came two days later. They didn't seem to bother you, except at night.

You started to like baby food plus table food. You really kind of skipped baby food, or at least tried, but you are starting to kind of like it. You also love avocado, beans, tortillas, bread, eggs, and your puffs. You are still nursing 5-6 times a day. We also introduced the sippy cup and you just prefer to chew on it.

You are army crawling all over the place. I try and pick up your tummy, but you just laugh at me and got back to your army crawl. It works great for you though.

You adore your big sisters and really love it when they play with you. Ella is so sweet and gentle with you, you just light up when you see her after school. Layla is just a little rough and loud and sometimes you need me to rescue you from her.

You have some serious stranger danger and do not like men!!! The church nursery is still a problem. You just don't like to be away from Mom.

You are just the sweetest, must cuddly, adorable baby.


Kati said...

So sweet! Your girls are adorable. =)

The Calhoun Clique said...

Thanks Kati!

Andrea C. said...

The crib shots are adorable....especially the last one!

Brettni Brumfield said...

She is darling! They all are!

@Dayngr said...

Total cuteness!