Thursday, October 20, 2016

Loralei's Newborn Pictures

I took Loralei's newborn pictures when she was four days new! My main goal was to get a picture of all four girls looking at the camera. Yes, I said looking. Smiling would be a bonus. Lydia was the one I was worried about. It isn't always easy to control a 23 month old. I was over the moon when this happened. This was the second picture I took! Done and Done! No head swapping need in photoshop. 

With all the other girls I have had a color scheme. I do their newborn pics to match their room and continue that with the first birthday pics and so on. Well, poor little Loralei doesn't have a room of her own. I decided to use corals, because...why not?

And since I will never have a boy, I threw in some blue.

This was my favorite though! It was a complete last minute idea, while she was snoozing on the dream blanket. I went outside and clipped flowers off my front porch and I love it.

She was such a good baby. I love when they make it easy!