Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Back To School

Last Friday we had meet the teacher! The girls and I were so excited to see who their teacher was and see what friends they got in their class. 

Layla's teacher taught third grade last year and one of our friend's sons had her and loved her. I am hoping Layla will too! Her two friends Mallory and Ava aren't in her class and she was pretty sad about that. I told her she would see them on the playground and she perked back up.

When we went to Ella's class we found out she would have a long term sub because her teacher just had a baby. Uhh! My heart sank. Ella had a long term sub at the end of last year and it was just a bad experience all together. Ella would get stickers for excellent behavior, but would then have to walk laps at recess with all of her class for the bad behavior of others. Talk about ridiculous. I talked to this sub though and explained why Ella was a little down and hope it helps. She does seem really nice and has 30+ years of teaching experience. I was so upset and caught off guard that I didn't take a picture of Ella at her desk or with the sub. 

Monday morning we were ready to go though. I can't believe this sweet girl is a kindergartener!

And my big second grader!!

 This time I did get a picture.

Ellas has a lot of the same friends in her class so she already knows almost everyone. She wasn't a bit nervous.

 Next I took Layla to her class. She was excited and nervous, but there was no hesitation.

 Playdoh for the win!!

I gave her one last hug and kiss, went back to Ella's class for another kiss and then headed home. The tears started and I came home to my two little ones and had a great day of playing and naps. Both of my big girls loved their first day. When I picked them up they were full of stories and excitement for day 2. 

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