Thursday, September 9, 2010

Birthday Parties

I have been a bad blogger lately and my friend Joanna pointed that out to me tonight. I always sit down to do it and then I work on pictures I have been taking or just get caught up reading everyone elses blog. I used to stay up until at least 1 a.m., but have been trying to go to bed at a more reasonable time.

On August 27th, my adorable nephew Hunter turned ONE!!!

And of course Ella had to break in his toys for him!

We got him this camo hat and some cute came pants to match, along with some shirts. He actually left the hat on for about 5 minutes which shocked me! 

Finally it was cake time and he tore it up! He definitely Smashed his Smash cake.

Saturday night my parents spent the night at our house and enjoyed some cuddle time with Ella while watching Yo Gabba Gabba before bed. She is soooo snugly at that time and I just love it.

Sunday afternoon was my other nephew Caleb's fourth birthday party. It was at a jump house place and it wore me and Trey out. Ella LOVED sliding and bouncing and just went crazy!!

She could not sit still for too long for a picture. She was just too busy!

I forgot to mention our air conditioner quit working Friday night around 10:30, so we had to deal with that Friday and Saturday too. The ac repairman was here 5 long hours on Saturday, but got it fixed just in time for my parents, Ella, and me to get home from Hunter's party on Saturday. So, it was a busy weekend, but so much fun! And if you ever need a good workout, just take your kid to a place that has bounce houses and slides!!!


The Veals said...

Aww she's gotten so big! Maybe just maybe one of these days are kiddos will get to meet!
P.s I love reading your blog and what she's been up, keep us updated!

Kyle and Jennie said...

will you send me the pics from Hunters b-day party and from caleb. Or you can burn them on a cd and I can come and get them on Saturday if it is not too much trouble!