Monday, September 13, 2010

Three Year Anniversary

Our three year anniversary was on September 8.  For our first wedding anniversary I was 6 months pregnant, so we just went to a nice dinner. For our second wedding anniversary I had an eight month old baby and wasn't about to leave her, so we just went to a nice dinner. Finally, for our third wedding anniversary we decided to do something (and still go for a nice dinner!). We went to the Gaylord Resort in Grapevine and had a blast. It was my first overnight trip away from Ella and I did just fine! (Now let's go to Mexico!!! Haha! just kidding)

We arrived and had champagne and cake balls waiting on us. What a good start to the day. We did a little shopping and just walked around for a few hours checking everything out.

Later we got dressed up and went and had dinner at the Old Hickory steakhouse. We had a nice long meal and enjoyed some wine and actually got to talk to each other!! And I actually got to eat my food instead of feeding Ella the entire time and then scarfing my food down at the end of everyone elses meal! (I love how to one picture we took of us dressed up is blurry. Trey was ready to go and hurrying me and I was trying to balance the camera on a lamp shade!)

After dinner we went to the Glass Cactus Nightclub. I wish I would have known to make reservations because all the tables were reserved and there wasn't anywhere to sit except outside and it was HOT and HUMID! We stayed for about 2 hours and were back in our hotel room at 10:00, ordered room service and went to bed. We are such party animals!!!

What about Ella you ask? Well, my mom came in town to keep her.Ella didn't even say bye to us when we left and didn't really seem to care we were leaving. You see, when Granny is around, nothing else matters. My Mom graciously offered to iron my new dress before we left and Ella threw such a fit because Granny wasn't holding her, you would think someone was torturing her. When we came home she acted as if we were never gone and still was obsessed with Granny. My mom did tell me that several times during the day Ella asked for her Momma and Daddy, which made me feel better. I guess it is a good thing that she was happy and content while we were away. I would have been upset had she been heart broken all weekend.


Kimberly said...

happy anniversary!

Brooke said...

Cute Pics! I'm glad that you guys were able to have a great time and be toddler free!

The Richardson's said...


The Martens said...

Its always good for you to get away and have time with the hubby! I love your hair - is it a little shorter or something? Very cute!

Sarah @HarriganHowdy said...

Aww, she did so good. Too cute that she's so obsessed with her Granny. :) Sounds like y'all had so much fun! I'm jealous- heehee. Adorable dress, too.

♥- Sarah