Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Will I Ever Learn??

This summer my hair has continually gotten more and more blonde. Today I decided it was too blonde and instead of doing the right thing, which is call a licensed beautician, I go to the grocery store and buy a box of hair color for $12. Saves me a lot of money right? Instead of paying a professional $100 (which in my opinion is soooo overpriced!!!) I only spend $12 + tax.

Now in the past I have judged it by the girl on the box. Oooh, her hair is really pretty and curly with lots of volume, it is a distraction tool! This time I judged it by the name of the color. I went with dark natural blonde, sounds good, right...that is what I am after.

I go home, put it on, only leave it on for 5 minutes because I really just wanted to tone it down just a little, not fully color it.

UUUHHHHH!!!! And every time the result is the same. Ugly! And every time I wash my hair at least 5 times, sometimes using laundry detergent, thinking it will magically fade away this ugly color, but that has never worked. Yet, I continue to do it!!!!!!!!!

So now I have an appointment tomorrow at 12 with a licensed professional to fix it. So, instead of $100, it is now $112 + tax. And I have to look at this ugly, ashy color for the next 18 hours. I do this at least once a year. So no, I don't think I will ever learn!!! =)


Kimberly said...

I think we have all done something like this. Tried to save money but spent more for our mistake! good luck tomorrow! I think hair prices are way over priced too. Sometimes I cut my own hair just to save some money.

The Richardson's said...

Look at this'll go to bed a night knowing that you tried to save money first....even though it didn't work out!

The Veals said...

Been there done that! I have died my hair Black, yellow and green by accident before. I still die my own hair when Im desperate. Hey a girls gotta do what a girls gotta do, but when I do have the extra cash I will pay far more then what its worth to have it look good.Lol

The Martens said...

Those root touch up things always look so tempting... but Im too scared to try!