Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Pictures

Do you ever see pictures of families and just think to yourself "awesome photo! I want my families picture to be like that?" Well, I do. And since I take pictures of families all the time, I know how to pose them, where good locations are, and exactly what I am looking for. Accomplishing that for my families photos though don't ever seem to be quite as easy. Now, I understand it is much harder using a tri-pod while getting your two year old to sit, look at the camera and smile, but oh my goodness it is dang near impossible for us!!!

For example....

Ella is a blur on the right running out of the chair she was previously sitting in, Trey is looking at who knows what and there me and Layla are posing for the camera!

Yes I could hire someone, but I just don't want to! Praise the Lord I did get a few that I would say are good. Not exceptional, but good. I wish Ella would smile. Instead she would wait until after the picture was taken smile really big, laugh and proclaim "Yay! We did it!". Oh goodness!

Finally, a smile!

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RedRoof said...

recovering nicely wow.