Friday, May 4, 2012

Layla is 11 Months!

I am a little behind on this because Layla is almost 12 months!

Layla, you are just a riot! You just have so much personality and I love it! You make your presence known and make it known when you are not happy. You hardly ever cry, but you do yell when you don't get your way!

You wear 24 month and a lot of 2T clothes. I never put shoes on you, but you wear a size 5. Still in a size 4 diaper and the last time I weighed you you were just shy of 27 pounds (remember, this is a month ago!) You have three bottom teeth and you you are getting a top tooth, so that is 6 total!

You clap, wave, say bye bye, momma, and dada. You are still not walking! I thought for sure you would walk before Ella since you are constantly chasing her around, but you get along pretty dang fast and cruising from furniture to furniture, so for now no walking. (Secretly your momma is happy about this. Time is just flying by and I know as soon as you start walking you are going to be even more busy! I just love you so much I want yo to stay my baby as long as possible!)

You still love your sister, but I am noticing more toy stealing and arguing! I think you are jealous that your big sister gets to sit on the couch, so you like to bite her toes when she watches cartoons....just to make sure she doesn't enjoy them as much! You are a stinker!!

You have a passion for peek-a-boo and could play it for hours on end. You put your hands over your eyes, or sometimes you cheat and don't really cover your eyes, but I still have to say "where's Layla?" and you still get so tickled!

You are eating 75% of what we eat and are only eating fruit baby food. Pear is still your favorite. We tried eggs this month and you loved them. I was so rigid with your sister and didn't let her have eggs until she was one, but you are such a little puppy dog always begging for food.

I love you more than I ever thought I could. You are an absolute joy and we are so blessed to have you! I can not believe you are almost ONE!!!

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