Monday, May 21, 2012

Layla's Birthday Party

We had Layla's birthday party the weekend after her birthday. Ella was so excited all week and told her teacher at school all about it! She is a friend of mine so she would tell me everything Ella would say. Layla's room is turquoise, her newborn pictures and several after she has work turquoise outfits, so I went with turquoise. I was looking for an outfit when Kate posted that she had two of the same outfits and I snatched it up from her, so I didn't even have to shop hard (thanks Kate!!). 

I bought tons of blue and yellow candy. These are BIG canisters, so I sent home a lot of candy for each of the kids at the party. I am sure their parents were so happy with me!

I bought this open back frame from Hobby Lobby, spray painted it turquoise and cut down a chalk board to put inside.

I LOVE her cake! Melody  has now made two of Ella's birthday cakes and a baby shower cake for me and she does such a fantastic job! I send her a picture and a flavor and I always get it exactly like I want it and it always tastes soooo good! The only sad part is cutting it, I HATE that!

Layla's smash cake.

I asked my sweet husband to run to the store and get me some yellow flowers. I said daisies or whatever. I have previously told him no carnations, EVER, but he forgot and that is all I had so I used them. I am a flower snob about carnations. I do have an amazing husband that will run to the store to get me flowers though!! =)

Layla's party started at 1:30 and at 2:00 we finally woke her up after everyone ate. She woke up just kind of out of it. Not sad, not happy, just there!

She did finally perk up for her big present, her playhouse from Granny and Papa. She loved it!

Granny and Heath.

My brother may kill me!

Sweet Katie loved the house too. I think one may be in her future.

We let the kids go outside and play and get some energy out. Hunter has the best big smiles.

Me and my sweet birthday girl.

I kind of knew from her attitude that the cake wasn't going to go smoothly, but we tried.

She just kind of starred at it for a while.

So I gave her a taste. Of course Ella had to get a taste too.

Ummm, I'm not so sure about this.

See the finger on the left. Yep, that is Ella. She and Hunter kept coming over and getting finger licks. 

Alright Mom, I am done.

Most of the damage done was by Ella, Hunter, and me giving Ella and Hunter bites!

Finally we just let them all dig in.

It was a great birthday party. We are so blessed to have such great families that love our girls and will drive 2-1/2 hours to party for 3 or so hours and then turn around and go home. 


The Richardson's said...

Oh my gosh! That outfit matched that party perfect!!!

Amanda said...

Love the cake, party and playhouse! So fun!