Thursday, May 17, 2012

Layla is ONE!!!

My sweet, sweet Layla, I can not believe you are already ONE year old!!! This has been the fastest year of my life! Your personality has grown stronger and stronger and I am afraid we have another spit-fire on our hands! You are so sweet and cuddly. You give me the biggest hug in the morning when I get you up and you just hold on to my neck with both arms with all your might. You lay your sweet head on my chest and just melt into me. You also growl when you don't get your way, push your sister out of the way to get to something and make it known when you want something. 

You are so ticklish on your ribs and your feet. I can tickle you and just get those deep belly laughs that I love. You LOVE it when someone says "Ouch!" and you just laugh. When Ella pretends to fall you cackle! 

You love your sister so much. Your favorite place to be is playing with her in her room, I think it makes you feel like a big girl. You love getting to read books when we put Ella to bed because you get to sit on her bed with her. You are always at her heels and lately she has been dragging you around! You always have the biggest smile on your face. 

With strangers (well, that includes anyone you don't see on a regular basis, including family members) you are very reserved. You prefer to study them and hang around them a while before you feel comfortable letting them hold you. You just like to be comfortable with your surroundings before letting go of Momma.

You are 31-3/4" tall (above 98%) and weigh 26.14 pounds (above 98%). You wear size 24 months or 2T and a size 5 shoes. You are still in a size 4 diaper, but you have a big bottom and tummy so we might be moving up soon. 

You say mama, dada, bye bye, no no, and uh oh. You shake your head side to side when saying no no just to make that extra impact!

If I let you stay in the bathtub all day long you would. However, you are a daredevil and try to stick your head underwater and stand up. You are nothing like your sister in this regard, she airs on the side of caution.

You still nurse 4-5 times a day and don't seem to be giving that up anytime soon. You eat some baby foods, but only fruit, and you are beginning to reject those. You want big people food. You drink your water great and soon you will start to have milk!

Your favorite song is "If you're happy and you know it."

Your bedtime is around 9 a.m. and you sleep until 8:30. You go down for a nap at 12:00 and sleep until 2:15 when I have to wake you up to go get sister. If I let you sleep you sleep until 3. Sometimes you take an evening nap, sometimes not. 

You won't wear shoes for anything. You like to take them off and eat them! You have also started pulling off your bows, but I am not going to stop putting them on you, I will win!! =) 

I am so thankful God blessed us with you. It has been a rewarding, exhausting, fun filled, trying, amazing year!!! I could not imagine a better baby in the world! You are just so easy going and I love you so much!!!

Watch Me Grow:

May 10, 2011. Such an easy delivery and such a sweet blessing!

You have always been so chunky!!

You didn't have a neck until much, much later!

You are always up for anything!

Sweet Sisters!

But, you took a while to warm up to grass!

See, grass is fun!

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