Monday, September 3, 2012

Meet the Teacher

On Thursday Ella, Layla and I went to school to meet Ella's teacher. The wonderful part about First Baptist is that a lot of the teachers that work at weekday school also work at MOPS. Ella's teacher for weekday school watched Layla in the nursery last year in MOPS, so Layla and I already know her.

Ella is in the older three year old classroom. Almost all of her friends from her class last year are in the middle threes. I was a little sad about that at first, but she will just get to meet even more friends. Plus most of the kids from her class last year are still in her Sunday school. She loves  going to school, so I am pretty sure she doesn't care what class she is in and I do kind of prefer her to be in the oldest classroom.

So I weighed and measured her this morning so we would know her official going back to school size! She weighs 41.4 pounds and is 43-1/2" tall. She wears a size 5/6 clothes and wears a size 12 shoe. I did buy her a pair at Crazy 8 that were size 13, they must run a little small. She is so tall, most people this she is 5!! Plus she acts like she is 16.

Layla was not in a picture mood! I am glad she is not old enough to go to school! I will hate having both of my girls gone next year. 

Trying to get a picture of these two together now is almost impossible!

And usually this is what happens!

I am excited for Ella. I honestly would prefer for her to stay at home, but I know how much she loves going. I miss her when she is gone!

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